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Clothing shapes personality, so you choose your coat carefully in the store. You do not take the first one that comes across, wondering if the coat is ready to become a sign for your body and the closest companion. One should not throw one’s coat anywhere. It avenges neglect and mistreatment. The coat is wrinkled and has an unattractive appearance. When you come to visit, the first thing you look for is a coat rack. One can hang a lot of things on it. Theater begins with a hanger, but hospitality also begins with it. By the state of this important household item, you involuntarily judge the owner of the house. In the same way, people who come to visit you treat you. Don't forget a coat rack when modeling your hallway interior. It can say a lot about the owner's lifestyle and his/her attitude towards clothing.

A coat hanger is present wherever people gather. It should appear in any crowded premise. A room without a coat rack lacks minimal comfort. The people present here feel confused and uncomfortable. Traditionally, this symbol of civilization is made of metal and wood, but there are already options made of durable plastic. The main requirements for a coat hanger are strength, convenience, and compactness. Sometimes it has to withstand the pressure of dozens of jackets and fur coats. When choosing this item for the home, consider the factor of numerous guests and relatives.  Sustainability must be combined with elegance because the hanger is the first thing you see when you enter an apartment. It's good if it has some extra features.

The simplest coat hanger option is a pole with a stable foot. The branches of this “tree” diverge in different directions at several levels. The top ones are for hats, below you hang coats and jackets. Metal arms at waist level are designed for bags. The stability of the whole structure is given by a strut at the bottom. Instead, there may be a heavy metal disc that the feet and ankles do not cling to. A clothes hanger is installed in the hallway. Its size must be considered when choosing a model. Too spreading clothing racks will interfere with the movement of people in a small hallway. For a narrow corridor, you should purchase a board with hooks. It is easily mounted on the wall at any height. A good option is a portable frame on wheels. As a rule, such a model is equipped with containers for bags, shoes, and other items.

Additional shelves in the floor hanger will help to cope with the mess in the hallway. Clear the aisle for unhindered movement back and forth. A durable wooden or metal hanger design can be very elegant and fit in with the style of your apartment. Even a very simple model will decorate your hallway. Choose a coat rack with a stool if you want to take off your shoes while sitting. This item for the home will come in handy not only in the hallway.

You also take off your clothes in the bedroom and bathroom. A coat hanger will be needed in the children's room. At your service, a large collection of models for every taste in the Domesca online store. The coat rack is both functional and decorative. Indulge in the enjoyment of yet another beautiful piece of furniture.

Most of the hallways of our apartments cannot brag about the size of the room and sometimes do not allow us to place a closet to put all your belongings and things of guests there. A simple and right decision in such a situation is to buy a wall or floor coat rack. Wall options are perhaps the most popular not only in our online store but also on the global market. There are two subtypes of these racks. The first is a wall variant with a shelf for hats. And the second one is without it. The first option is universal, which is suitable for any hallway. A special shelf for hats and an additional chrome-plated metal tube for coat racks will make it indispensable for you and your guests. When choosing a wall coat rack at Domesca, you should take into account that it is wood that gives any interior an additional charm and uniqueness.

It often happens that you expect a large number of guests or visitors and then a hanger-rack comes to the rescue. The advantage of this subtype is the mobility of this furniture. It can be quickly moved to any place, and change the interior in a few minutes. A good idea that will make it easier for you to organize your clothes at home is a rack. Here you can store, for example, your favorite clothes that you usually wear. It's also a good solution to avoid accidentally throwing everyday items in the corners, if you don't currently want to put them in a closet, you can always hang them on such a rack. As a result, you not only take care of the quality of clothes but also stylishly maintain order in the hallway.

Over-the-door structure of a rack is also in great demand, that is hung on the doors of the closet, room, or entrance. It resembles a wall model but does not require drilling the wall and other installation work. But still one of the most popular options is the floor one. Many types of wooden floor racks are easy to store in the hallway or remove if you no longer need them. If you want to emphasize your uniqueness and status, then a forged floor hanger will suit you. Forged furniture is always a symbol of exquisite taste. Such racks are usually equipped with additional hooks or an umbrella stand, which makes them even more efficient to use. At Domesca, there are many options for a compact floor coat and other types of clothes racks, from classic to modern. When making a choice, please note that such models are very compact and do not require special installation.