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Artisan Entry + Hallway

In the interiors, entry sets the tone for the rest of the house. It's where guests form their very first impressions of our homes and where we can showcase our personal style. This is why selecting the right furniture for these areas is so important. Not only does it have to be aesthetically pleasing, but it also has to be functional and comfortable. Whether it's a bench for sitting down to put on shoes or a small table to hold keys, these pieces should help us organize our essentials and make our everyday lives a little easier. By carefully curating the perfect mix of furniture and decor for our entries and hallways, we can create a warm and inviting welcome for ourselves and our guests every time we step through the door.


The entry and hallway are the first spaces guests see when entering your home, making it important to choose furniture that creates a welcoming and functional atmosphere. When selecting furniture pieces for these areas, it's essential to consider both practicality and style. It's essential to choose pieces that can withstand heavy foot traffic, especially if your home has children or pets. Opt for durable materials such as hardwood, metal, or mirrored pieces that are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, selecting furniture that complements your home's style and color scheme is crucial. Whether you choose an entryway bench or a console table, make sure it coordinates with your existing decor for a cohesive and inviting space. By thoughtfully selecting furniture pieces, you can create an entryway and hallway that not only looks great but serves its purpose well.


When it comes to furnishing an entry or hallway, there are a few key pieces that are often selected. A console table is a popular choice as it provides a surface for placing keys, mail, or other small items as well as a spot to display a decorative item or two. Another option is a bench or small settee, which not only offers seating but also provides a place to take off or put on shoes. A mirror is a must-have item for any entryway, not only for a last-minute outfit check but also for reflecting light and creating a more spacious feel. Finally, a coat rack or hooks on the wall are essential for keeping coats, scarves, and bags organized and out of the way. By choosing these furniture pieces for your entry or hallway, you can create a welcoming and functional space that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Furniture is an essential element in decorating any room in your home, whether it's your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or entry. Choosing the right furniture brand can make a significant difference, not only in how these rooms look but also in how they function. A thoughtful approach to selecting the right furniture is necessary to achieve the desired effect. You want to choose a brand that reflects your personal style, fits with the overall design of your home, and offers the functionality you need. By doing so, you will ensure that your home is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to live in. Overall, when it comes to investing in your home, taking the time to choose the right furniture brand is an important step toward creating a space that you'll love for years to come.


When we think about furnishing our homes, we want our furniture to be unique, stylish, and of high quality. That's why we often look for brands that can provide us with something extraordinary, something that can stand out and make a statement. Artisan, a brand that has been in the industry for over ten years, is one such brand that can satisfy all your expectations when it comes to exceptional furniture. From their handcrafted pieces to their use of the finest materials, Artisan's furniture is designed to reflect the individuality of the homeowners. Their artisans pour their heart and soul into each piece, creating furniture that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. So, if you're looking for something extra special to add to your home, Artisan is definitely the brand to choose!

Known for its exceptional craftsmanship, Artisan creates furniture that combines functionality with beauty and is well-known for its trustworthy reputation when it comes to creating high-quality furniture for the hallway. Their shoe storage options are not only practical but beautifully designed to fit seamlessly into any home. Their console tables offer a chic focal point that doubles as a functional space to store keys and everyday items. For those in need of extra seating, Artisan's hallway benches are not only comfortable but also stylish. And let's not forget their umbrella stands, which provide the perfect solution for wet and rainy days. You won't find flimsy particleboard here - Artisan uses only quality materials to build furniture that will last for years. With Artisan, you can trust that their furniture not only looks fantastic but is also durable and built to last.