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Why not bring the experience of restaurant service to your home? Carts and islands, with which waiters travel around the huge hall during the hours of a maximum influx of customers, can come in handy at a party in an apartment or house. As practice shows, pushing is better than carrying pots of hot soup or stacks of dirty dishes in fragile female hands. However, it's not just about women. No one wants to get burned from steaming water in a kettle. Few people like to drop plates on the tiled floor, and then feel the reproachful looks of their dear mothers-in-law on themselves. After breaking your beloved wife's favorite cup, feelings of guilt can stay with you for a long time. It will completely discourage you from visiting the kitchen at all.

If you're tired of lugging trays of food from the kitchen to the dining room and then carrying mountains of dirty dishes back, buy a kitchen cart. You no longer have to watch your step for fear of stepping on a cat or jumping over a tricycle that your little one has parked right in the aisle before heading to the potty. Using this handy household item will save not only nerves but also your time. The more eaters in your family, the more you need a kitchen cart. Of course, it all depends on the size of your apartment, but even with modest space, you can afford a folding wagon. Look for such an option in the “Islands and Carts” of the Domesca online store. 

Modern models are well cushioned and reach relatively high speeds, without the threat of dropping a bottle of expensive wine or spilling the hot soup. You can find this and other details on the product page. When choosing the right model, the following information will help you: brand of the manufacturer, weight and dimensions of the model, style, design and finish color, number of drawers, additional components, materials used and special features. All our models are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials that meet international quality and safety standards. Also check out the additional features of the kitchen trolley.

The kitchen island is a more equipped version of the cart. It is not intended for frequent trips to the dining room. The island drifts within the kitchen, only occasionally creeping out into other rooms. It carries utensils, equipment, and other items. A solid mobile sideboard is definitely better than a solid fixed one. Everything moves in this world, including fragments of dirt, which are in abundance in the kitchen. The island will allow you to quickly and easily wash floors and walls in inaccessible places, therefore, maintaining the necessary cleanliness. Roll it into the dining room or living room on a gala day when there are too many guests. You can be a hospitable person without undue expenditure of physical and mental strength. 

Islands and carts can be made of metal or wood, according to the style of the room and the taste of the owner. Big and small, tall and squat models are at your service. Some of them are equipped with containers for drying dishes and staples for towels. Others have four or even five tiers and reach above human height. Such a model is quite suitable for feeding an entire football team, if one suddenly appears in your apartment. The islands and kitchen carts we present are easy to assemble without outside help, additional tools and special skills. Use the step-by-step instructions included with the product if something is not clear.

You will like an island or a cart with a folding top. One can choose from designs with different numbers of shelves and drawers, material and surface structure, as well as additional functions. Some models are so majestic that when they appear, you want to take off your hat with respect. Others are lightweight frames on wheels. Whatever model you choose, we guarantee high maneuverability and excellent quality of all its elements. Comfort home items are also available in “Furniture & Decor”, “Lighting”, “Outdoor & Garage”, and “Sports & Fitness”. Order our products at any time of the day or night. Domesca is always there to make your life more comfortable.