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Home bars have long ceased to be intended only for luxury homes. Today, this practical and attention-grabbing element can be found in many houses, because modern manufacturers adapt to consumers with different financial capabilities and apartment sizes. A minibar is a great place for different types of alcohol because it maintains optimal conditions for storing it. A home bar with drinks will be especially relevant for receiving special guests. Absolutely, for many owners of the house, a bar is not a whim, but a necessity and an opportunity to please their friends when they meet for gatherings. We offer a wide variety of options.

Have you long dreamed of acquiring such an accent model? Then you have made the right choice by visiting the Domesca online store. Indeed, in the "Cocktail & Home Bar" section, you are guaranteed to find a suitable option for yourself. When choosing a cocktail home bar, pay attention to the following product characteristics: manufacturer's brand, style and design, type of finish, size and weight of the item, number of items, components included, materials used and special features. Durable and beautiful materials that are safe for health and the environment are at your service. Buying a home bar as a set, you will maintain the unity of style.

First, let's decide what design you need. There is a huge range of this type of products on the modern market. For example, open racks, and shelves, where you can see all the contents. Whether portable models are designed specifically so that, if necessary, the bar can be moved to another room or even outside. They are easy to roll thanks to the wheels. Closed bars in the form of lockers and buffets are also very popular. They are distinguished from other storage systems by specialized shelves made to fit bottles, convenient drawers for accessories, and folding shelves. For large rooms, whole bar counters and special chairs are well suited. 

The choice of a bar table and sitting depends on your preferences, design, and for what purposes you are going to use it. Transparent and mirror tables look very beautiful and stylish. The room in which such a home bar is located looks lighter and more airy. However, they are acceptable for those who are ready to clean their surface every day. Wooden and metal models are less easily soiled and more durable. They will withstand a lot of food and drink and are ideal for loud parties. The advantage of most bar furniture components is that they are very easy to clean. Many materials, such as aluminum, are very smooth and easy to clean. The only exception is the aforementioned mirror surfaces. 

Bar cabinets successfully combine beauty and convenience. All our items are easy to assemble without outside help, additional tools and special skills. By opening the package, you will quickly understand the design on an intuitive level. But if something is not clear, use the step-by-step instructions included in the kit. Often a bar is part of a whole series of furniture for a living room or office. This allows you to withstand all interior items in the same style. In addition, modern models will add the necessary accent to your home. Many of our models are versatile, serving food, tea, wine or cocktails.

A classic variant is wooden furniture with beautiful ornaments and carvings, as well as gilding. For high-tech, metal and glass are perfect materials. For fans of antique style, upholstered chairs and furniture made of dark wood with carvings are the best options.  Many people think that a home bar is just a place to store drinks and various utensils. But it also serves other important functions. With the right design and decoration, it can be turned into a great place for parties with friends and relaxation after a hard day at work. In our collection, you are sure to find an item in accordance with your taste and interior style.

Our experts will be glad if, while enjoying your time in the home bar, you will be satisfied with the fact that you have chosen Domesca for such an important mission. Regardless of style, design and special features, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location. You can also visit Chinese Cabinets, Sideboards and Sideboards, Console Tables and other categories of our catalog. Order our products at any time of the day or night. Domesca online store offers beautiful and practical items from the world's best manufacturers. You will definitely find what you need in our extensive catalog.