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The game educates and gives knowledge. Game methods in pedagogy and teaching have shown excellent results. Scientists say that a person must develop and exercise his brain all his life, so as not to fall into insanity. The game will help to improve the whole body and keep it in good shape without any coercion. At home, you can equip a gym, as well as a game table, which will involve not only muscles, but also more complex neural connections. If the apartment allows, do not ignore the options offered by the Domesca online store. You can enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home. If you have an appropriate table, you will not have to rack your brains about how to entertain guests. Comfortable pieces of furniture will provide a friendly atmosphere throughout the party.

Special attention should be paid to multifunctional rotating tables suitable for playing several games. This marvel of engineering will allow you to play different games without leaving your place. Billiards, air hockey, table tennis and football are available. In a matter of seconds, you will change the scenery to join your favorite game. All extras are included: air hockey pushers, pucks, billiard cues and balls, triangle, chalks, a brush and so on. This option is the most acceptable for small recreational rooms and man caves. While the adults are watching a psychological thriller in the home theater, the kids can have a fun and rewarding time playing indoors nearby. It is also important that the game table is quickly assembled and disassembled, so children can install it without the help of moms and dads.

All game tables from the online store Domesca meet high environmental and user standards. They do not contain hazardous materials and dangerous elements. For the host, the main thing is that all categories of guests are satisfied. Fans of card games may want to retire in the corner of the recreational room so that other guests can discuss political news or hold a children's competition. You will love the folding table for board games. It is also multifunctional as you can play poker and other card or tile games, mahjong and dominoes on it. Do not think that there will be few applicants. As soon as the game table enters the scene, a fair amount of players will gather around it. Folded into a storage bag, it takes up very little space. When it is not needed, place it in a closet, which can be found and ordered in the “Living Room”, “Organizational Furniture and Decor”, “Recreational Room Furniture” and other categories of the Domesca catalog.

Chess fans will definitely find their options, and for them, drawers for pieces are provided in the game table. Models for scrabble, tic-tac-toe and numerous children's games that help the younger generation get smarter have specific properties. Pay attention to the transforming gaming table, which can turn into a side table or chest of drawers. Do not save on the development of your children, otherwise they will sit on your neck until the end of time. In the “Games and Game Tables” of our catalog, you will find quality products that will help you spend your leisure time in a fun and mindful way. Perhaps we will open for you new types of useful entertainment that will change the whole course of your life. To live comfortably means to live in variety and joy. 

One of the most popular table games is football. This is an exciting, dynamic entertainment that is enjoyed by adults and kids. Unlike classic football, this attraction does not depend on the weather: most often the tables for the game are placed indoors, although there are exceptions. Most often, the tables placed in the Domesca catalog are made of laminated wood, and an additional coating protects the surface from damage and scratches. Speaking about the types of surfaces for table football, it is worth highlighting children's, indoor, and outdoor options. Children's models are small tables with 4-6 rods, and the game itself is adapted for the youths, so the tables are low, and the handles of the rods fit comfortably in a small kid's hand.

Another popular type of tabletop active game is tennis. Such tables are collapsible and stationary, for playing outdoors and for indoor use. Stationary tables are more reliable, but if you are looking for a table for giving, then it is better to buy a folding one in our online store. The stability of a folding table depends on the reliability of the structure, and the frame is usually made of steel. When choosing a table tennis surface, pay attention to the wheels. Large and rubberized wheels will allow you to move the table around the summer cottage, which will allow you to change the location depending on the change of mood. But, the main thing is the material of the countertop. Perhaps the best option is melamine (polymer resin). Such a table is not afraid of high temperatures and low temperatures, so you can safely leave it on the street.

The key to the right choice of a billiard table at Domesca is, first of all, the correct calculation of the size of the room, as well as the materials used and the design features of the table itself. These and other factors determine the lifespan and performance of your billiard table. Solid woods such as oak, walnut, mahogany, and ash are considered the ideal material for the manufacture of structural parts such as frames, sides, and legs-supports. It is these breeds that allow the table to maximize the durability of parts during fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The main requirements for the wooden part of the billiard table are reliability and massiveness, which will be able to withstand the load of the considerable weight of the plates and the rigidity of the structure. Such billiard tables are available in a large assortment of Domesca!