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Recreational + Man Cave

The most productive rest is always active. Even if you are very tired, changing activities will do you good. It is in your power to create a recreation room in which it would be comfortable and useful to spend your free time. A lot of pieces of furniture and household items are waiting for you in the Domesca online store. You will find not only comfortable sofas and chairs in our catalog. A break room will look unfinished without a fluffy rug, stands, and shelves for a variety of items, as well as other pieces of furniture and decorations. If you visit the “Sports and Fitness” section, you will find a lot of extra things for your relaxation room.

A recreational room is not meant for sleeping. Here you watch TV, read a book, play mind games and chat with friends. The sofas in it resemble chairs, and the chairs look like sofas. You should be comfortable in all gradations of body position, from horizontal to vertical. You can choose the degree of softness, as well as the height, which would correspond to maximum comfort. In the banqueting halls of the ancient Greeks, it was customary to recline on low couches. The Oriental style also implies a low fit. This principle is applied in most recreational room furniture designs, as it gives security on a subconscious level.

Soft furniture resembling a deflated ball is very popular today. The bean bag technology allows the seated person to take any position and be fixed in it. Children and old people are very fond of such a deflated ball, but more and more adults also have a rest in it. In our collection, you will find this household item in different colors and sizes. This kind of soft furniture includes a round knitted pouf. It is covered with thick cotton fibers, pleasant to the touch, and massaging our body. A folding chair is also available. It has a wooden frame, and the seat and back are made of knitted natural fibers. An elegant rocking chair is based on a metal frame and does not take up much space.

Conservative furniture is also present in our catalog. It is upholstered with natural fabrics. The relief of the surface of such items for the home allows you to relax as much as possible or effectively massage a tired body. A wide durable sofa can withstand the whole family or a friendly company during easy communication. We also recommend purchasing a rug with an extra soft surface for your recreational room. It will allow you to lie and sit on it, as well as do yoga. Kids are very fond of such carpets because they can play, somersault and flop down without harm to their health. Creating a home idyll is easy if you buy the right things in the right place. 

Your recreational room should be the center of your home. Here, as at a family hearth, relatives and friends gather to discuss the latest events, relax and gain new strength. Any piece of furniture or household item should be pleasing to the eye and be at hand. In the recreational room, you can place a rack or shelf. You will put books, magazines and children's toys on it. Any functional item can be a decoration. Complete the relaxation room with a beautiful painting, figurine, and vase. They are not museum pieces, so they should be light and easy to install. Do not forget about the semantic and psychological load of the decor.

The abundance of pillows and soft blankets also disposes to rest. Even if you are a supporter of tough decisions, this soft and attractive object can please your guests. A restroom is very often a place for receiving guests. Modeling it, you should think not only about yourself but about people close to you. Guests may like a cuckoo wall clock, potted flowers, or a shaped candle. Think also about compact heating equipment, a mirror, and a trash can. The arrangement of the restroom is an art that combines professional experience and the creative fantasies of the owner of the apartment. Domesca online store experts are always ready to help.

The recreational room easily changes its purpose if your living space is not very large. At the same time, it can be a gym. Convenient gym equipment you find in the “Sports and Fitness” section. A folding table will quickly turn it into a dining room or living room, where you can place a romantic dinner with your loved one. A small corner cabinet or linen closet fits perfectly into the interior. If you haven't found a suitable model in this section, try it in “Baby and Kids Room Furniture”, “Bedroom Furniture”, and “Living Room”. Don't forget to visit the “Clocks & Mirrors”, “Rugs & Runners”, and “Decorative Objects” categories.