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In large families, it can be quite difficult to find a piece of furniture that would suit everyone. Especially today, among a large assortment, questions about the right choice may arise. And the mirror in such cases is no exception. Domesca will try its best to make your search easier and provide you with the best models in the “Mirrors & Accents” section. We hope that after visiting our online store, you will find something that perfectly complements the design style of the room and that satisfies every member of your family. Before moving on to the responsible process of choosing a mirror for your home and finding the best option, you should familiarize yourself with the main types and features of our models.

Mirrors can be divided into several types depending on the room in which they are used. For example, functional mirrors, which are usually located in bathrooms or dressing rooms. Decorative mirrors can also be used for their intended purpose, but they cope much better with the introduction of uniqueness in the interior of the apartment. Thanks to them, you can create your own room design project. A mirror mosaic or a wall completely lined with a mirror is a great way to bring something new to your house. Such solutions not only give the room a bright accent but also visually increase the space. Thanks to the rapid development of modern technologies, we have multifunctional mirrors that can also become, for example, clocks. 

Many models have built-in lighting and can even serve as an additional source of light in the room. The product page in the Domesca catalog offers a list of the main characteristics: style and design, brand of the manufacturer, number of pieces in the kit, frame material, weight and dimensions of the item, step-by-step assembly instructions (if required), as well as special features. All our models are made from durable and safe materials, in accordance with the highest international quality and emission standards. Almost all decorative objects presented in the “Mirrors and Accents” section are delivered assembled, with mounting hardware included.

Choosing the right frame for the mirror will help maintain the concept and unity of the design. Each one has its own type. For a room in an ethnic or ecological style, a rattan frame with mother-of-pearl decoration and pebbles is optimal. The baroque style, which is characterized by the massive decor, does not require additions, it complements itself.  All other details are selected in a simple and concise technique. Modern style will sparkle with new colors with a large mirror without a frame, while high-tech or avant-garde is perfectly decorated with frames made of metal or plastic, created in dark colors. Do you want to give the space comfort and presentability? Choose a massive frame made of wood and enjoy the aesthetics of your room.

The advantage of mirrors is that they will look beautiful everywhere. The options listed above will fit perfectly in the living room, dining room, bathroom, hallway and even outdoor spaces. In living rooms, you can use them in different shapes and sizes. Choose from our collection for a man cave or office. In a home gym, a mirror accent in a sophisticated frame will look fresh and original. Decorate your bedroom with another beautiful and practical household item to wake up always in a great mood. Mirror accent in the form of a heart will be a wonderful gift for your loved one on Valentine's Day or Birthday. A decorative item in a frame with jewelry will become a symbol of family happiness and prosperity.

Non-standard items serve as works of art, as well as accents and decorations in the interior. Here you can use it as a harmonious element if you have a fireplace or a beautiful floor vase. They will reflect chicly in the mirror and add mystery to the apartment. The lack of square meters in the bedrooms is compensated by mirrors, which are spotted opposite the window along the entire wall. The corridor is also ideal for placing them. This item is also necessary when you leave the house because you can evaluate your appearance. For a narrow room, oblong large shapes are suited best. All these and other models are already waiting for you on the pages of Domesca!

We also invite you to visit “Makeup Vanities”, “Bedroom Benches”, “Daybeds & Sleepers”, and other categories in our catalog. Domesca online store offers practical and beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories from the world's best brands. Create maximum comfort in the interior and make it unique. Regardless of design, cost and size, we guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location. Comfort consists of pleasant little things that create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere in the home. Let's do this work together!. order mirror accents and other decorative objects at any time of the day or night.