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As practice shows, you can lie down and relax not only in the bedroom. A man in old age will gladly stop a heavy tread in order to take a breath. Daybeds and sleepers, placed in different rooms, will appeal to children and adults. Even a very energetic person can suddenly lose strength and feel ill. Your guests will definitely like this home furniture. A festive meal or a party is fraught with overeating or overactivity. It is good if there is a convenient place nearby where one can just lie down. However, it is not necessary to be overly tired to use a daybed or sleeper. The official part of the event smoothly flows into the informal one, along with the flow of invitees to more comfortable seats along the walls. Now you can loosen the tie and belt on the trousers. 

A daybed is a lighter version of a sofa. It is convenient to put it in the living room, dining room, garage, or gatehouse. If your job involves standing for long periods of time, it is very reasonable to have a sleeper or daybed at work. The differences between these two types of home furniture are minor. Rather, the point is how a particular manufacturer calls its product. There are daybeds and sleepers without armrests and sidewalls, but the presence of a backrest decisively distinguishes them from a bedroom bench. As a rule, they are narrow, so they can even live in the corridor if it is wide enough. A coffee table looks very organic near the daybed. You will find suitable options in the catalog of the Domesca online store. Visit the “Coffee and Side Tables”.

Perhaps, it is possible to draw a certain line between a daybed and a sleeper. The daybed tends to have a permanent location in the apartment, while the sleeper is more inclined to crawl out of sight after another family friend has had a sweet sleep on it. Among the sleepers, there are many reptile types of upholstered furniture that do not have legs. It can be a comfortable mattress from one or more sections. But there are samples on legs and even wheels that roll under the main bed immediately after use. In this case, the sleepers functionally coincide with the bedroom benches, possibly differing in the degree of softness. The sleeper, as a rule, has a discreet appearance, like a maid, which should not attract the attention of guests and hosts.

Daybeds are ranked lower than sofas, but they also obey the general rules of interior style. In the Domesca online store, you will find light and dark, bright and muted, one-color and multicolor, strict and decorated models. The daybed should discreetly fit into the interior and be extremely functional. Its task is to provide extra comfort to the owner of the apartment and his/her guests. In addition, we recommend visiting other sections of our catalog: “Bedroom Furniture”, “Cabinets and Chests”, “Chairs and Seating”, “Console Tables”, “Couches and Sofas”, “Indoor Fireplaces and Stoves” and so on. Domesca experts have collected for you the home items from the world's best manufacturers. We guarantee exclusive quality and prompt delivery to any location.

The daybed is universal, functional, and has a lot of varieties. This simple piece of furniture can brighten up the interior of any room, serve as a place to relax and have a comfortable night's sleep, or help accommodate guests. The main difference from the ordinary bed is the lack of a full-fledged back - it is small, and armrests in different models are available or absent. Thanks to the diversity of styles and designs, this piece of furniture will save space in the bedroom, because when folded it takes up very little space. A properly selected model will serve as the finishing touch to the design, and provide comfort and convenience. With a variety of shapes and colors, Domesca allows you to choose furniture that matches the style and purpose.

The most common upholstery options are synthetic (artificial leather), natural (velour, wool, leather), mixed (mixture of synthetics and cotton), microfiber (durable, made from a mixture of Teflon, cotton, and polyester). Synthetic products look presentable and very practical. They do not lose their shape and color even after repeated cleanings. The disadvantages include the attraction of dust and electrification. Mixed materials - the upholstery in these options looks elegant and spectacular. However, over time, it may lose its brightness, since the structure of the fibers is different and the dye keeps worse. Leather and velour upholstery are wear-resistant, and unpretentious in care. The main thing is that the sleepers with such upholstery harmoniously fit into the interior.

When buying a daybed in our online store, when you choose the upholstery material, you should take into account the place where it will be spotted, as well as the variety of options. Non-folding models can only serve as a seat or as a bed for one person. In the case of using it for sleeping, it will differ from a regular bed only by an asymmetrical headboard. The folding option can be double or single. Double daybeds are less common and have a seat size corresponding to a one-and-a-half or single product. Choosing among a variety of styles, upholstery materials, and sliding mechanisms, you can get confused in choosing your sleeper. However, the Domesca team made sure that you definitely did not miss out on buying the desired interior element.