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It is difficult to say which function is more important in vanity lights – decorative or illuminating. They create splendor in bedrooms, closets, and other spaces where you want to closely examine your reflection. Vanity lights are used by actors, singers, and other public people. If you belong to this category, you are welcome to the Domesca online store. We are ready to offer you a large selection of high-quality vanity lights from the world's best manufacturers. You will find models of different styles, designs, and sizes in our collection. Create a festive mood every day, enlivening the home atmosphere and restoring a tired body, soul, and mind. Domesca experts will be happy to help you find the item you need.

Most of the models presented in our collection belong to a certain style, but you can use them in any interior if you like it. Pay attention to the shape and texture of the lampshade, which can be transparent or opaque. The smooth curved arms that hold the lamp base look aesthetically pleasing. When choosing a model, you should consider the type of light source and the number of bulbs. One will find other technical parameters: manufacturer's brand, type of attachment, weight, shade material, type of finish, dimensions, power, voltage, design, included components, and special functions on the product pages. You may need an adapter or converter if the outlet and voltage in your country do not match the model you purchased.

Our vanity lights are easy to assemble and install with mounting hardware and step-by-step instructions included with the product. The back panel can have a different shape and color, creating additional comfort for the eyes. Universal models use LED, fluorescent, and halogen lamps with a standard base. The materials and technologies are safe for health and the interior, and completely eliminate the risk of fire. An important feature is a safe and trouble-free operation in wet areas. Moisture-resistant vanity lights in different designs and styles are great for bathrooms and any outdoor or indoor space. You can use them in bedrooms, hallways, and even home offices. Do not install this device in wet areas unless moisture resistance is one of its features.

The classic simplicity of our vanity fixtures will fit into any decor. A wide range of design solutions is at your service. Perhaps you will like the shades in the form of transparent wine glasses suspended from a gilded frame. The modern interior is notable for its minimalism and functionality, and these qualities are quite consistent with most of our models. If you prefer the farmhouse style, you will find a suitable option in our collection. Turn your dressing table into a real beauty workshop where you feel comfortable and happy. We also recommend visiting “Picture Lights”, “Table Lamps”, “Floor Lamps”, and other categories of the Domesca online store. Order our products at any time of the day or night. We guarantee impeccable quality and safe delivery to any location. 

Procedures such as applying makeup, shaving, and styling hair, in addition to a mirror, require good lighting. The use of special vanity lighting makes these procedures much more comfortable. Local light is the main one in the bathroom. The easiest option is a mirror with built-in lighting. Typically, the lamps in this case are located around the perimeter or on both sides, symmetrically, then the backlight is ideally matched to the size of the mirror and does not give unnecessary shadows. You can organize the right light yourself. The most important area where the light should fall is the work area near the mirror. Therefore, when installing vanity lights near mirrors, you should spend time so as not to make a mistake with the choice. However, the team of Domesca has prepared only the highest quality and stylish products of vanity lights, and with such a chic selection, you will have a high chance of finding something you like.

Vanity lighting performs two main functions in the interior: practical and decorative. The main function involves the creation of high-quality lighting that clearly and correctly conveys colors and other parameters of reflected objects. A little tip: for a dressing table and a mirror in the bathroom, place the backlight around the perimeter of the mirror, this will provide good illumination without color differences and shadows on the reflection. The second function, the decorative ones, is limited to creating a certain mood and atmosphere in the room. However, it is worth remembering that in this case, you need to be especially careful in choosing the amount of lighting. The option with many lamps does not look very good in a home interior; it is better to use hidden vanity lighting located around the perimeter of the mirror. For this, the LED strip is best suited, it provides uniform light throughout the circuit, unlike fluorescent lamps. A mirror illuminated from all sides will make the process of turning a day or evening look into a real pleasure, because extra shadows will not fall on your face, and you will see your flawless reflection.

The choice of material and design of the lighting device is determined by the place of its installation. So, to illuminate the mirror in the bathroom, it is better to choose a minimalist style of lighting made of high-quality material, such as brass or bronze. As for design and models, it is best to use special overhead lights for lighting, as well as spotlights or sconces.  Sconces are elegant, aesthetic, and functional light sources. They are distinguished by a huge number of design solutions, as well as convenience and ease of use. To illuminate the mirror, it is better to choose models with shades of frosted or white glass - they scatter light better. The best option is devices that allow you to adjust the direction of light, as well as the brightness and level of illumination. To do this, you can install separate switches for different groups of appliances. At the online store Domesca, you will see a huge selection of the best new vanity lighting fixtures that will change the look of your room for the better.