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The covering for bathrooms is different from one for other areas of the home. They walk on it barefoot before and after bathing. The feet should feel dry and soft, pleasant to the touch. In the bathroom, you are in peace and relaxed, and nothing disturbs you. After a shower or bath, a person feels like they are in paradise. The right choice of bath mat contributes to this condition. You will find out from this text what bathroom rugs are and why you need to buy them in the Domesca online store. It is not only about the feeling of comfort, but also about your safety. According to statistics, almost half of fractures at home occur in the bathroom, as a result of an unfortunate fall. Half of that number comes from a missing or incorrect bath mat. It makes sense to think about it.

To make the right choice and buy what you need, we recommend that you carefully read the product description. On the product page, you will find the following characteristics: brand of the manufacturer, weight and dimensions of the item (including thickness), style, design and shape of the bath mat, type of fabric and other materials used, recommendations for cleaning and maintenance, number of pieces in the set, components included and special capabilities. All offered models are made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for health and the environment. They are non-toxic and non-allergenic, meeting strict international quality and selection standards. Some proposed models are universal. They can also be used in the kitchen, bedroom, laundry room and more.

The home rug should be not only soft but also non-slip. The desired effect is achieved using different materials. When choosing fabric, consult with your feet. Let them tell you which surface they feel most comfortable on. We offer a wide range of high-quality and practical materials. The velvet fleece pad filled with soft foam will protect your feet from the cold floor, to which it sticks with PVC dots. Memory effect and fast drying are its additional benefits. This mat is suitable for frequent use by people with sensitive feet. The double-sided cotton rug will appeal to lovers of natural fabrics. It perfectly absorbs water, offering your feet a soft and pleasant surface. The cotton rugs are machine washable, dryable, and available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Good water absorption is the main attribute of comfort in bathroom rugs. You might like a chenille mat with large fluff particles that firmly hold moisture on a velvet fiber. The advantages of this model are especially relevant in winter. Another important indicator is fast drying. At certain intervals, the bath rug needs to be washed and cleaned, and this is also not a problem. Many of our designs are machine washable using mild detergents and cold water. Most manufacturers do not recommend placing their products on an oily, wet or textured floor. This can affect the adhesiveness of the bath mat. Do not ignore specific care instructions as some options are not compatible with dryer, hot water, dry cleaning, and bleaching. By following the requirements, you will keep your bath rug in excellent condition for many years. 

Microfiber (polyester and polyamide) mats are sure to find their fans, among lovers of soft foot massaging, with plush tufts that soak up water and dry quickly. Some models look like towels lying on the floor, others roll out like long carpets, and others have funny inscriptions. Choose the option that best suits your bathroom decor and your preferences. Some bath mats feature a pretty picture or pattern, while others have beaded edges. Regardless of your choice, we guarantee high durability as well as a gentle and dry touch to your feet. You can put a rug in light or neutral colors in the bathroom, that sets you up for relaxation and a calm mood. Models of a rich palette will cheer you up and add self-confidence. A set of bath mats in different sizes can be used by several members of your family.

Don't be afraid to read reviews of bathroom rugs. Real users are very pleased with the memory effect, which gives the foot a pleasant springy feeling. Cotton models create a special coziness not only in bathrooms but also in front of the dressing table. You can stand on it with bare feet, going to work in the morning or to a party in the evening. 

The soft terrycloth wicks away moisture and dries quickly, while the double-stitched edges add extra durability. The band design will help you to relax, but there are models with inscriptions – “Hello, gorgeous” “Clean”, and others. Any option can be the decoration of your home. Choose the shade that best suits your state of mind. Your child will love the bath rug in the shape of a flower. Pets love to rest on soft, dry covers. The clean and delicate bath mat can be your little one’s indoor or outdoor play area. Take it with you for a walk to lay on a hard bench in the park where you like to relax. 

See the product description for more details. Some models are designed only for dry floors, others can be used not only in bathrooms. There are options of different shapes: round, oval, and in the form of a heart. The set may include a U-shaped mat, for positioning close to the toilet. The bathroom can be modeled with maximum comfort. In our online store, you will find not only bath mats and rugs. We are waiting for you in the “Bathroom Mirrors”, “Bathroom Storage”, “Home Spa”, and other sections. Enjoy every second of your life. Give the pleasure of comfort to yourself and your loved ones. Create a cozy home using household items from the Domesca online store. You can order our products on your PC or smartphone, at any time of the day or night.