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Innovation Living Sofa Beds

Choosing a sofa bed is always a joyful experience for the whole family. Not only the durability of the purchased upholstered furniture and its appearance but also your comfort during its operation will depend on its type and quality. Danish brand Innovation Living produces a wide range of high-quality sofa beds, differing in construction, design, and categories of fabrics used. Sometimes it's hard to make a choice. To understand which sofa meets your requirements and which one is better to choose, and to avoid mistakes, first of all, you need to clearly understand its purpose. Today, the principle of approach to the choice of upholstered furniture has changed, and the requirements of customers have expanded and gone far beyond the standard.

Innovation Living

Convenience, solid frame, reliability, durability, and aesthetic appeal - this is just the traditional minimum that Innovation Living offers. Modern customers pay great attention to the conformity of sofa bed design with the latest fashion trends in the furniture world, exclusivity, ergonomics, and their own ideas about beauty and harmony in the interior of the room. And the meaning of a comfortable sofa bed has changed, thanks to the variety of designs and methods of their transformation, innovative fillers, orthopedic mattresses, and an abundance of new fabrics that differ not only in colors but in texture and degree of wear resistance. Innovation Living presents such a large selection of sofas for sleeping that each person will be able to choose a model that meets all expectations and ideas about a successful purchase.

By entrusting your choice to such a reliable manufacturer as Innovation Living, you already solve the issues related to the purchase of a sofa bed. You just have to pay attention to other important points. For example, on the transformation mechanism. All sofa beds in the Innovation Living catalog are easy to install, they withstand numerous folding and unfolding cycles and form an even sleeping place. They focus on space optimization, making it perfect for urban living where space is limited. Products of the brand demonstrate different mechanisms of sofas for daily sleep, offering you the choice of the best one. But it is more acceptable to be guided by your own preferences since the system and the sofa itself will depend on them.

Innovation Living Sofa Beds

A transforming sofa that combines a spacious seat and an additional full-fledged berth is a great alternative to conventional non-folding models. Such designs have a lot of advantages that you will appreciate in the process of use. A small and compact sofa bed is the best solution in terms of saving space in small apartments. It perfectly replaces a bulky double bed and at the same time serves as a seat for a pleasant pastime for all household members. With the help of a multifunctional transforming sofa from Innovation Living, the problem of competent organization of space and storage of things is successfully solved. It is good to mention that transformer models are usually equipped with spacious drawers for bed linen.

The variety of types and sizes of folding sofa beds in the Innovation Living assortment allows each customer to choose the ideal option for their own needs, and the affordable price of products from the manufacturer provides additional financial benefits. Compact and comfortable straight sofas of laconic design and corner models are in great demand, which significantly saves space in the room, and is also successfully used for zoning modern studio apartments. By comparing the features of each type of transformation with individual requirements and conditions of use, you can easily choose the most practical mechanism from the many variations and can buy the perfect sofa bed that will bring comfort, harmony, and coziness to your home.

Innovation Living Sofa Beds

Another important detail to look out for when choosing a good sofa bed from Innovation Living is its design. Here, it all depends on your preferences. But consider that all interior details must be combined. By choosing a sofa in the colors of the walls and floor, you make it an integral part of the area, it blends harmoniously into the overall shades of the room, without focusing on itself. In addition, such an interior can always be decorated with bright details and not be afraid of color mismatches. Regarding the design, sofas with wooden frames are considered the most versatile models. And the upholstery, made in a classic style, harmonizes well with almost any interior item. Of the modern options, you should pay attention to high-tech sofa beds.

Speaking about the material, the most popular options today are eco-friendly hypoallergenic textiles that are resistant to dirt, creasing, and scratches, for example, polyester. All materials in the Innovation Living catalog are Oeko-Tex® certified. The brand’s team of designers and manufacturers makes an effort to expand the company's attractive range with products that will look perfect in any room of the house. During production, they are guided by clients' satisfaction, so they ensure that the offered sofa beds meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Innovation Living presents designer furniture for fans of modern, classic, and everyone who gives free rein to their imagination. The Domesca catalog has a large selection of not only sofa beds, but also other pieces of furniture and accessories for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen: beds, chairs, couches, sectionals, and much more.