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Theodore Alexander™ - The Great Hall Cocktail Table

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  • Each piece reflects enduring style, complementing classics and contemporary
  • Skilled artisans employ time-tested techniques, ensuring exceptional quality
  • Furniture is constructed with maximum attention to details
  • Every piece offers a thoughtful design that seamlessly blends form and function
  • Built with durability, these pieces become cherished additions through generations
  • Exquisite design and exceptional craftsmanship create a sophisticated atmosphere
  • Upholstered furniture provides luxurious comfort and invites relaxation
  • Each product represents an investment in enduring quality and timeless design
  • Fine woods like mahogany, cherry, and oak are renowned for their natural beauty
  • Supple, full-grain leather is incorporated, offering a luxurious feel that softens
  • Metals like brass, bronze, and iron add elements of strength and warmth
  • Mother-of-pearl, shagreen, and lacquer add unexpected beauty


The exquisite CB51001 SKU from the Castle Bromwich collection is presented by the famous brand Theodore Alexander. It is available in Classic / Rustic Classic style, which allows the owners of both minimalism and time-tested classics to find the perfect option for themselves. Considering the weigh and size of the product , you will be able to immediately understand how many models will fit in your Living Room / Cocktail Tables. Durable upholstery and high-quality base will provide you with comfort for many years.

BrandTheodore Alexander
CollectionCastle Bromwich
Room / TypeLiving Room / Cocktail Tables
LifeStyle / StyleClassic / Rustic Classic
Main MaterialsMahogany
Custom Finishes Artichoke, Birch, Blush, Cadet, Caramel, Chiffon, Cloud-White, Cobalt-Blue, Cockscomb, Coffee-Bean, Dovetail, Dusk, Flamenco, Flax, HARVEST, Hibiscus

Traditional and Period Styles


From ornate Chippendale-style chairs to stately Queen Anne cabinets, Theodore Alexander's traditional collections showcase an unwavering commitment to refinement and detail. Hand-carved accents, inlaid marquetry, and expertly applied finishes elevate each piece to the status of functional art. The brand's ability to capture the essence of different historical periods, from the opulence of the Rococo to the restrained elegance of the Georgian era, has made it a favorite among interior designers and discerning homeowners seeking to create spaces with a sense of heritage and sophistication. Theodore Alexander's traditional offerings extend beyond mere replication, however. The brand's designers skillfully reinterpret classic forms for modern living, ensuring that while these pieces exude historical charm, they remain perfectly suited to contemporary lifestyles.

Transitional and Contemporary Styles

Recognizing the evolving tastes of modern consumers, Theodore Alexander has developed collections that seamlessly blend classic elements with current aesthetics, resulting in pieces that bridge the gap between old and new. They often feature a harmonious mix of textures and finishes, creating visual interest without overwhelming the senses. By stripping away some of the more ornate details associated with traditional styles, Theodore Alexander crafts furniture that feels fresh and relevant while maintaining a connection to its heritage. In its contemporary collections, Theodore Alexander pushes even further into modern territory. These designs embrace sleek silhouettes, innovative materials, and bold forms that speak to current trends in interior design.


Japandi Style


Theodore Alexander's Japandi offerings are characterized by clean lines, natural materials, and a focus on functionality and simplicity. The collection showcases the brand's ability to distill furniture design down to its essence, creating pieces that are both beautiful and purposeful. Warm woods, neutral tones, and organic textures dominate these designs, creating a sense of calm and connection to nature that is central to both Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies. Despite the apparent simplicity of the Japandi style, Theodore Alexander's expertise in fine craftsmanship is evident in the precise joinery, subtle curves, and flawless finishes of each piece.

The 2024 Theodore Alexander Collection

The 2024 Theodore Alexander Collection reaffirms the brand's commitment to timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship. This year's offerings showcase a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary designs, catering to a diverse range of aesthetic preferences. The collection features an expanded selection of transitional pieces, bridging the gap between traditional and modern styles with effortless sophistication. Highlights include intricately carved mahogany dining tables, sleek leather upholstered seating, and statement lighting fixtures that double as functional art. The brand's signature attention to detail is evident in every piece, from hand-applied finishes to custom hardware.