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Outdoor Décor

After you have created comfort in the indoor spaces of your home, proceed to the outdoor areas. Here one can also put things into harmony. If you have a gazebo, garage, balcony, or patio, try to create an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy for them. It's not difficult if you buy items for your home from the right place. Domesca online store offers a large selection of decorative items for spaces that are in direct contact with nature. An important requirement for this category of goods is resistance to any weather conditions. The outdoor decor presented in our catalog is made of durable and environmentally friendly materials that are safe for the health of people and animals. Some items are not only beautiful but also very useful in the household.

An elegant waste bin will decorate not only the patio but also the deck of the ship and any other open space. The vintage texture and pleasant tone of the finish add to the functional convenience of this item: the lid is hinged and snaps on easily. The garbage falls into a plastic bag, which, after filling, is quickly removed and replaced. The trash bin is resistant to sunlight, moisture, and other cataclysms, keeping a fresh look for many years. An important parameter of the waste container is the volume indicated on the product page. Here you can see other characteristics of our models: brand of the manufacturer, the weight of the item, materials used, style and design, as well as included components. You are sure to find what you need in our collection.

Look out for outdoor lighting fixtures used for fun backyard parties. Such garlands are supplied complete with bulbs (including spare ones) and a wire with a plug. Regardless of the type of light source, moisture-resistant designs use energy-saving technologies. Choose the model of the desired length and design from our variety of offers. You can use a dimmer as well as a converter or adapter if your outlet or voltage doesn't match the model. In small garden areas, a two-tier waterfall fountain in the form of a compact bronze barrel will look great. The quiet murmur of water calms the nerves and sets positively. An internal pump will allow water to flow continuously in a thin stream, economically irrigating plants that grow nearby. 

In our collection you will find a large selection of fountains (in the form of stones or statues, including accessories), ornamental garden thermometers, lighting fixtures in the form of sunflowers and other plants, floral wall decorations made of metal, artistic compositions (including a pot, artificial flowers, and lights), outdoor ceiling fans, signal boosters, patio furniture sets and so on. We offer a wide range of garden sculptures made of stone, metal, and other durable materials. Order outdoor decor in the Domesca online store at any time of the day or night. We guarantee exclusive quality and safe delivery of our products to any location. Also visit “Grills + Outdoor Cooking”, “Garage + Outdoor Storage” and other sections of our catalog. 

Placing outdoor decorations has several main goals: one of them is to adorn the place and bring a certain personality, with this you will be helped by the street decor at Domesca. Decorations should help us feel even better in the garden. In addition, they should emphasize the given style of arrangement. Many decorations also have practical functions. The choice of modern garden decor has become much wider. Today, many varieties of beautiful elements are used for decoration. They can have small forms or be larger, and carry architectural significance. The use of various decorative elements allows not only to make the garden space more beautiful but also the estate with its appearance becomes more comfortable and functional. When choosing them in our online store, you need to follow one simple rule. Do not overdo it with its amount. These are additions that complete the composition, not the main objects to be admired.

The most popular are products that imitate stones, wood, or metal. Quite often you can find wooden figurines. An ornamental garden is not only beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees. This is a whole world in which there is its own atmosphere and its own rules that we create ourselves. All elements of the courtyard decor must line up in a single style concept. At the same time, their shape and size are secondary, the main thing is that all together they are combined into a complete picture, in which every detail is harmonious and in its place. You should not combine wood with plastic or glass parts in decorative elements. But natural stone or metal with wood will have complete harmony. Knowing such rules and applying them in practice will allow you to avoid annoying mistakes and achieve the desired goal - to turn your yard into a real work of art, a beautiful and cozy place.

The elements of natural decor include various trees, bushes, and flowers, with which you can create spectacular compositions. Such a decor can be a free-standing large bush that blooms beautifully in spring or summer or a sprawling tree that attracts the attention of guests with a bizarre shape. The style of the courtyard can be emphasized with kerosene lamps, wooden wheelbarrows, and clay pots. In the oriental garden, the most popular decorations are Buddha figurines and stone lanterns. A practical decoration is a wooden bridge installed over a stream or pond. In this style, you should not overdo it with the number of ornaments. The keywords are modesty and harmony. Clay and ceramic pots fit the Mediterranean style (more for balconies and terraces). Animal figurines are often used in gardens too. Order the best street decor models at Domesca and add interesting elements to your yard that create an incredible atmosphere.