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Lighting devices can radically change the perception of space, decorate an unsightly room, and give depth and fullness to garden compositions. In the interior and exterior, lighting design is used as a tool for a simple but effective transformation of all surrounding objects. With its Studio Exclusives collection, the American brand Sonneman offers a variety of solutions for the realization of the most unusual design projects. Authentic style, simplicity, and rationality are complemented by the synchronicity of design changes following changes in the tastes and preferences of users. This collection is characterized by simplicity, clearness of forms, clearly sustained style, and expressiveness. Minimalism and conciseness in a modern design are the main characteristics of the presented line.


The basis of Sonneman's activity is the production of interior lamps. For rooms of various purposes, for all kinds of application scenarios, there are table and floor lamps, pendants, and wall lamps. Their design is discreet, there are no excessive brilliance and color accents - all attention is on the interior, significant focal areas, and not light sources. Surprising with original design solutions, of course, with the same, carefully observed quality, lighting fixtures help to magically transform any object. Made with the same taste, solid and magnificent, thought out to the smallest detail, lighting fixtures from the Studio Exclusives collection have won a well-deserved reputation among buyers around the world.

Sonneman brand luminaires combine fashionable design, functionality, and reliability. To create them, the latest technical developments are used and environmentally friendly, safe materials are used. This lighting is for those who are not afraid of new ideas and trends, a combination of art and technology. Among the advantages of this American company, is a large selection of styles that can be distinguished; the use of innovations and fashion trends in production; lines made in a single design. And the Studio Exclusives collection is an excellent confirmation of all points. Its unique catalog features Sonneman's signature design touches throughout: from the geometric shapes that make up the frames, to the high-quality metals used for construction.

Sonneman Constellation

Metal is considered the most popular material that is used to make lighting fixtures - both indoor and outdoor. Strength is one of the main advantages of metal over other materials. In addition, it is characterized by plasticity and the ability to be painted in any color, which is especially important for designers when working on interior details. Metal lights are also known for being durable and long-lasting guaranteeing customers that they will be able to enjoy their metal light fixtures for years to come without having to worry about replacing them due to wear and tear. Furthermore, they provide a unique aesthetic appeal with their sleek design and modern appeal. Today, many brands choose this material to manufacture lighting fixtures, some of them are Coaster, GFURN, and others.

The Studio Exclusives Collection features advanced LED technology for superior energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, as well as dimming capabilities that allow you to tailor the light intensity in any environment. Sonneman’s attention to detail is evident in the high-quality materials used throughout the line, including handcrafted glass pendants, sculpted metal sconces, and sleek linear fixtures. These pieces are ideal for dressing up a space with modern sophistication or adding a touch of elegance to traditional interiors. Sonneman’s Studio Exclusives Collection is perfect for anyone looking to add a unique, luxurious touch to their home. With its sophisticated lighting designs and advanced LED technology, the collection adds timeless beauty to any space.

Sonneman Constellation

All Studio Exclusives models are characterized by laconic sophistication, the finest nuances of the color palette and simply captivate the eyes of buyers. The excellent quality and artistic value of Sonneman products are an example of excellent taste and reasonable investment. These pieces are truly exquisite, crafted with precision and style to bring sophistication and modernity to any home decor. With the perfect blend of contemporary design elements and classic materials such as brass, glass, and crystal, Sonneman's lighting adds timeless elegance to any living space. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something more understated, Sonneman's Studio Exclusives Collection has something for everyone.

With all the diversity and splendor of the global lighting market, Studio Exclusives products stand out for their unique elegance and sophistication. Over its long history of existence, Sonneman has managed to establish the production of a wide variety of designs and functions of lamps and accessories for them and at the same time become a recognized standard of quality, luxury, and good taste. The modern design and versatility of lighting equipment of the Sonneman trademark, quick response to the needs and desires of customers, and strict quality control at all stages of production, combined with an affordable price of products, create the products of this company invariably high consumer demand from the buyer.