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Mobis™ - Gocce Di Luce Square Extra Pillow

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  • Versatile furniture offerings tailored for all living areas.
  • Craftsmanship rooted in decades of experience, exuding classic Italian elegance.
  • Meticulously designed furniture that marries ornamental charm with everyday functionality.
  • Commitment to sourcing and using only the most premium and enduring materials.
  • Fusion of age-old Italian craftsmanship with modern aesthetics and utility
  • Bespoke customization options tailored to each customer's style and vision
  • Affordable luxury, balancing tradition within diverse budgets
  • Seamless blend of design, craftsmanship, and functionality
  • Predominant use of superior woods, exhibiting the rich history of Italian furniture design
  • Emphasis on details, ensuring every material used is of the highest quality
  • Selection of top-tier fabrics, presented in a palette capturing both timeless shades and contemporary trends
  • Incorporation of high-resilience foam for seating solutions, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort and support


The Gocce Di Luce Square Extra Pillow is designed by Mobis. Presented in color White/Gold this item comes in size W 18" x H 18" and weight 2 lbs to fit into your home space.

Weight2 lbs

Who we are?


Mobis is the epitome of classic Italian elegance. With decades of experience in the industry, we specialize in classic-style home furniture, driven by craftsmanship and a production chain of unparalleled capacity. Our deep understanding of the market showcases our unwavering commitment to a customer- and market-oriented approach.

At the heart of Mobis is our attention to detail. We take immense pride in offering impeccable service, and our unmatched ability to customize our products stands as a testament to this. Our aim is to understand and satisfy the unique needs of our customers, enhancing their values, perceptions, and the beauty of their surroundings.

In today's fragmented market with an overwhelming supply, our vision is clear. Mobis seeks to guide those discerning customers towards the pinnacle of MADE IN ITALY fine furniture. We believe in crafting pieces that not only reflect luxury and tradition but also in establishing a price point that fosters mutual value and appreciation.

Our Mission and Values

In classic-style home furniture, Mobis uniquely caters to those with a deep appreciation for aesthetics and functionality. We offer an equilibrium between impeccable design and tangible value, ensuring that our offerings resonate with both beauty and mutual economic advantage. Our mission is built on forging genuine relationships anchored in trust and mutual understanding.

Our passion for beauty is palpable, and we view quality not just as a standard, but as an emotion. Every crafted piece from Mobis embodies this excellence, promising enduring value for every home. It's this unwavering dedication that sets us apart, where every detail becomes a harmonious blend of ornamental charm and practical utility.

We're grounded in ethics and committed to building lasting value in every interaction. These guiding values inspire our daily endeavors, pushing us to serve our customers by marrying the ornamental with the functional. To choose Mobis is to embrace an elevated quality of home life, where beauty and function walk hand in hand.


Assurance of Excellence


Delving deeper into the core of Mobis reveals a commitment that goes beyond surface aesthetics. Every piece that graces our collection is not only a testament to Italian elegance but also to the quality of materials that uphold its beauty. With decades in the industry, we have fostered relationships with suppliers that share our vision, ensuring that only the finest, ethically sourced materials breathe life into our designs.

Our expertise allows us to discern the subtle differences in material quality, ensuring each product remains durable and timeless. From the intricacies of fine wood grains to the resilience of premium fabrics, our pieces stand as a confluence of nature's best with Italian craftsmanship. It's not just about beauty; it's about ensuring that beauty lasts.

Choosing Mobis means investing in quality that endures. We don't just create furniture; we craft legacies. With every purchase, customers aren't merely buying a piece of furniture; they're securing a guarantee of excellence, rooted in a tradition of Italian elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Catalog 2023

Mobis' commitment to Italian elegance and craftsmanship shines through in our Catalog 2023. This curated collection unveils an array of furniture masterpieces, epitomizing our dedication to design, quality, and functionality. Each page speaks to the heart of what Mobis represents, creating a sensory experience even before our pieces find their place in your home. As you journey through its pages, it becomes evident that Mobis isn't merely a name in furniture but a touchstone for homes seeking harmony and luxury. From intricately designed bedrooms, opulent dining rooms, and functional kitchens to plush sofas, each piece in the 2023 collection echoes our brand's ethos: blending ornamental charm with practical utility.

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