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Formerin™ - Cruise Sofa

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  • A seamless fusion of artisanal traditions with industrial-scale operations
  • Adoption of cutting-edge technologies in crafting luxury furniture pieces
  • Absolute commitment to in-house, 'Made in Italy' production standards
  • Energetic blend of deep-rooted heritage with contemporary design aesthetics
  • Infusing every creation with Mediterranean warmth and authenticity
  • Customization options, blending manual skills with technology
  • A holistic approach to quality, from production to customer service
  • Versatile furniture for both commercial and residential sectors
  • Unwavering dedication to selecting only the finest materials, tested for perfection
  • Detail emphasis, from sturdy frames to tailored fabrics, marble, and wood
  • Handcrafted techniques, introducing anti-touch paint and back-painted glass
  • Upholstery reflects sartorial mastery, capturing the brand's true craftsmanship


The Cruise Sofa is designed by Formerin. Presented in color Cream this item comes in size W 190" to fit into your home space.

RoomLiving Room
Product TypeSofas + Couches

The Formerin Story


Founded in the 1970s by Urbano and Francesco Rombaldoni, Formerin began as a modest artisanal venture. As time progressed, its spirit remained strong and true to its origin. Steadily, it grew, embracing both its roots and the expansive vision of its founders, blooming in its endeavor. Today, it stands as an international beacon in the luxury furniture sector.

The brand emphasizes its deep Italian roots, preserving and celebrating its heritage throughout its growth. It's a story of passion and tradition entwined. Now, with the second generation at the helm, there's a renewed vision and energy. Bolstered by enthusiasm, technology, and spin-off businesses, Formerin faces a promising horizon.

The brand's evolution from a small artisanal structure to an international powerhouse showcases its adaptability. Challenges were met with innovation. Formerin has thrived in the competitive luxury furnishings market, carving a unique niche. Its identity remains anchored in textiles, Italian craftsmanship, and innovative processes.

Design and Creativity

At Formerin, furniture is more than a functional piece; it's an art form. Each design sings a story. Each item speaks of a rich legacy, echoing a passion for design excellence. Our designs capture the warmth of Mediterranean roots, hinting at tales of the past while resonating with modern aesthetics.

Every product reflects our unwavering dedication, a symphony of craft and vision. From initial sketches to the final piece, there's a blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and precision. And with each stroke, a commitment. Our heritage informs our designs, yet our vision remains future-focused, ensuring timeless appeal.

Designing is a holistic process for us, where ideas transform into tangible beauty. It involves understanding material nuances, craftsmanship intricacies, and the ever-evolving client demands. Embracing this dance of elements, creativity at Former combines aesthetics with functionality, warmth, and spontaneity.


Commitment to Perfection


Perfection is a non-negotiable standard at Formerin. Our dedication shines in every corner and curve. Our unwavering commitment to quality is evident in every process stage, reflected in every sheen and texture. Every piece bearing our name stands as a testament to this relentless pursuit of excellence.

Rooted in centuries of Italian craftsmanship, our production standards remain uncompromising. The artistry is evident. The attention to detail, processing, and quality control align with this ethos. From the robust frames that stand the test of time to luxurious upholstery that invites touch, only the finest materials are chosen, echoing tales of luxury.

It's not merely about materials - it's about the soul behind each piece. Our skilled craftsmen, with their expert hands, breathe life into these materials. Their dedication, paired with state-of-the-art technology, results in creations that are both exquisite and enduring, awaiting their place in the heart of homes worldwide.

Collections 2023

Dive into Former's Collections 2023, where time-honored tradition meets the avant-garde. As you explore our signature collections, ranging from timeless classics to bold contemporary pieces, each tells a story of our unique evolution and dedication. Our creations spring from a deep corporate heritage, yet signify a transformative phase in our journey. By melding creative technology with artisanal expertise, we offer an intricate blend of elements, ensuring each design not only caters to modern needs but transcends fleeting trends.