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Arredoclassic™ Sipario End Table - Cream/Gold, D50 x H50 cm

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Color: Cream/Gold
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  • Crafted with attention to detail, every piece showcases artisanal mastery
  • Many products are seamlessly adaptable to diverse decor schemes
  • Exquisite embellishments and intricate carvings add a touch of timeless elegance
  • Meticulously finished with high-quality materials for enduring beauty and resilience
  • Furnishings promise aesthetic appeal, adding lasting value to interiors
  • Designed for style and comfort, the furniture fosters a cozy atmosphere
  • Homeowners can customize their space, turning desires into unique rooms
  • With premium materials and craftsmanship, pieces ensure longevity
  • Utilizing solid wood, these pieces exude natural warmth and sturdiness
  • Carefully selected fabrics, rich in texture and quality, enhance comfort
  • Ornate metal accents provide structural integrity and a touch of refinement
  • Plush, high-quality upholstery materials ensure both comfort and longevity


The Classic Style of Elegance. There is no emotion equal to itself. This is the principle at the heart of the Arredoclassic creations and which translates into a careful reinterpretation of the classic aesthetic codes. A decisive and distinctive character because what counts is standing out from the crowd. Every room in your house can become a treasure chest with precious furnishings, in a coherent style which makes your dwelling unique. The furniture design is born from an in-depth study of the characteristics that have made Italian style renowned worldwide. Made in Italy also embodies this: the ability to immediately appreciate the quality of the surrounding environment, to sense in its precious forms the elegance which marks a clear qualitative difference in the atmosphere of your rooms, creating scenarios of absolute prestige and excellence.

Weight31 lbs

About Us


Arredoclassic, a beacon of elegance and innovation in the world of interior design, is a testament to the harmonious marriage of tradition and modernity. With a rich heritage deeply rooted in Italian craftsmanship, we have transcended the boundaries of mere furniture to become purveyors of living art.

Our journey is one of passion and precision, where each piece of furniture embodies the quintessence of Italian artistry. Every Arredoclassic creation is a symphony of form and function, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans who breathe life into wood, fabric, and metal.

We understand that a home is more than just a space; it's a canvas upon which dreams are painted and memories are etched. Hence, our designs go beyond aesthetics; they evoke emotions and tell stories.

Made in Italy

In the heart of Italy's artisanal legacy, Arredoclassic takes pride in its "Made in Italy" ethos. Each piece of furniture is a living testament to the country's unparalleled tradition of craftsmanship and design excellence. Rooted in a heritage that spans generations, Arredoclassic celebrates the artistry and ingenuity that Italy is renowned for worldwide. Every Arredoclassic creation is meticulously crafted in Italy, where passion and precision converge to produce furniture that transcends time and trends. With an unwavering commitment to quality, the brand sources premium materials and collaborates with skilled artisans who bring visions to life.

The "Made in Italy" label on Arredoclassic products signifies an uncompromising dedication to elegance, durability, and sophistication. It's a promise of authenticity, where the essence of Italian culture and creativity is woven into every thread, every curve, and every detail.


Classic & Contemporary Styles


In the realm of interior design, Arredoclassic stands as a masterful bridge between classic and contemporary aesthetics. With an unwavering commitment to the timeless elegance of classical design principles, it seamlessly fuses them with the ever-evolving language of modernity.

Arredoclassic's classic styles evoke the opulence of bygone eras, each piece a tribute to the enduring beauty of traditional craftsmanship. Ornate details, intricate carvings, and rich finishes pay homage to the grandeur of the past, while the contemporary styles introduce a fresh perspective with clean lines, innovative materials, and minimalist sophistication. The result is a harmonious marriage of old-world charm and contemporary allure, where furniture becomes an art form that transcends time.

Catalog 2023

The meticulously curated 2023 collection offers a glimpse into the brand's dedication to crafting furniture that transcends mere function, transforming living spaces into expressions of artistry.

Within the catalog's beautifully photographed and expertly presented pages, one can explore the intricate details of each creation, from the exquisite carvings that adorn headboards to the sumptuous fabrics that drape over sofas and chairs. The catalog breathes life into the vision of Arredoclassic, showcasing the harmonious fusion of classic aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities.