February 4, 2023
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Tips for Choosing the Home Lighting from Zuo Brand

2 months ago November 28, 2022 Jessica Wallaker
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Lighting is a very important element in interior design. It can affect our health and well-being, the perception of space, and give a certain mood to a room. Different types of light can calm or, on the contrary, set you up for work. Thanks to the right light, you can carry out certain manipulations without changing the layout. For example, expand or narrow the space, reduce and increase the height of rooms, allocate certain spaces in the room, and zone it. Therefore, when choosing the right type of home lighting, you need to choose its manufacturer correctly, and Zuo is an ideal option in every situation.

About Zuo

Zuo Lighting

Zuo is a company of people that, since 2005, have been united by a great love for their product. This is a widely known manufacturer of various lighting and other interior items that cares about its customers. Zuo has never changed its principles – quality, safety, and elegance. The lamps of the brand are characterized by excellent quality and interesting design. The manufacturer offers lighting for both modern and classic interiors. For almost two decades, the company has gained numerous fans all over the world.


A modern lamp should have a simple geometry, without excesses of decor and tricks in the design. It should be practical, and compact to leave a maximum of open space and have clear lines. A modern bedroom lamp will be the complete opposite of its classic counterparts. It is the choice of those who keep up with the times without compromising their comfort. The lighting device must be of good quality, made of high-quality materials, and correspond to a neutral color scheme (the main rule of arranging a bedroom). You can mix shades of the main palette, and choose a contrasting model, but not noticeable color combinations.

Living Room

The color of the living room furniture is light, soft, and solid, so the color, pattern of the curtain, and the style of the ceiling lamp should be made in a single style and complement each other. Having decided on the size, diameter, and number of lamps, it is worth approaching the choice of lamp style. Classic needs a lot of light. And a large chandelier in the living room will be the optimal choice. Models with crystal elements, in one or more tiers, with faceted pendants of various sizes and gold-plated inserts, are suitable.

Home Office

Neutral furniture items are most often selected for the home office. Therefore, choosing a modern chandelier for the living room from available materials and not massive in shape. Lamps with several transparent or matte shades are often used, while the base is chrome, golden or black. Other clear geometric shapes and pendants will fit well into the environment. The color of the shade of the table lamp should not distract. And that’s why it’s better to look for Zuo models with shades of calm, and dim shades: gray, white, black, etc.

Kitchen and Dining Room

If your kitchen is very small, then choose a sconce or a table lamp to illuminate the table. But if the area of ​​the room is large or it is designed in the form of a studio combined with a dining room or living room, then you cannot do without a pendant with a chandelier or a floor lamp on a rocker arm, which effectively zones the room. It is important that they evenly illuminate the table to the edges. Chandeliers for the kitchen look good if they are precisely matched to the overall style of the interior. Many Zuo models will become a universal solution because they combine several currents: the symmetry of the classics resonates with the deliberately emphasized brutality of metal.


The right choice of lamps is important for any part of the apartment or house, but it is doubly important in the hallway and corridor. For installation, you can choose any type of lamp. But you need to do it consciously, taking into account the features of its construction, application, and design. Traditional floor lamps will never lose their popularity. Such lamps can be placed on any type of hallway and choose any style. Wall sconce is another very popular answer to the question of how to choose a lamp for the hallway or corridor.

Correct lighting will enrich the living space with comfort. Lights instantly transform rooms, adding comfort to the overall ambiance you’ve created. When choosing the right lighting from Zuo, pay attention to chandeliers, lamps, and even light bulbs, because they play an important role in the space of the room. They not only brighten up a room but also add a sense of style to your home.