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Pouf vs. Ottoman: How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

5 min read June 16, 2022 Jessica Wallaker
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When organizing the space of our home, we, first of all, want to create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. But of course, each of us has our own understanding of comfort. Someone prefers a minimalist style, and someone is a passionate admirer of the baroque, the one loves modern high-tech, and the other cannot imagine his life without a restrained and timeless classic. Loft, modern, eco-style, Scandinavian style, or Boho style – each interior design assumes its own type of furniture. But without a doubt, there are two furniture elements that fit into any interior, which will not be superfluous in any case – this is an ottoman and a pouf.

What Is The Difference Between A Pouf And An Ottoman?

You might think that a pouf and an ottoman are the same things, in fact, the two terms refer to two different pieces of home furniture. Ottoman is a low, upholstered stool usually used as a footrest or sometimes, for storage. The style is based on similar items from the Ottoman Empire. While the pouf is a cushioned footstool or low seat with no back of French origin. The difference between an ottoman and a pouf is that an ottoman is closer in appearance to a bench with a soft seat, and a pouf is closer to a chair without a back and armrests. Some poufs look like oversized pillows, and not too soft ottomans can easily work as coffee tables. The modern ottoman is one of the most versatile pieces of upholstered furniture. Now it is rather a large pouf in the form of a cube or a cylinder, or even a small couch, which is either a footstool, a table, or a chest with storage space.

Deciding On A Place

The entrance hall is the perfect place for poufs and ottomans – you can sit on them, take off your shoes or put some little things or accessories. In the bedroom, the ottoman can be installed at the foot of the bed, and the bedside area can be decorated with a pouf. The classic location for a pouf in the bedroom is near the dressing table and women’s boudoir. The living room is another good place where poufs or ottomans are more than appropriate. Their optimal height does not exceed the height of upholstered furniture seats, you can put your feet on them and relax while reading or watching movies. If you managed to allocate a reading nook in the apartment, then put an ottoman or pouf there – you can place on it books, reading glasses, various little things, or a tray with a cup of tea.

Material Options

The upholstery of an ottoman or pouf as a central item in any room is of great importance for the interior. Today, a variety of materials are used: natural and artificial leather, velour, velvet, linen, wool, and even short-cut natural or artificial fur. The leather upholstery is the most practical. Artificial leather almost repeats the properties of natural leather – it is much cheaper, but not so durable. When choosing the material for ottomans, designers are primarily based on style. The velour pouf is a classic. It looks good in a room decorated in the spirit of classicism but is also suitable for eclecticism and shabby chic. Upholstered furniture, including an ottoman upholstered in velour, always looks luxurious. For such upholstery, some bright colors will be advantageous. The original shape or finish can make it a bright design accent. Knitted ottomans look good in any bedroom. Soft models without a frame are suitable for a room furnished in a loft-style, pop art, or eco-style.

Choosing The Color

When buying an ottoman or pouf, a natural question arises – what color to choose for the upholstery? If we talk about the living room or bedroom, then most often the color of this item should match with sofas and armchairs so that all furniture items look like one set. For those who are ready to experiment, a combination of colors will be an excellent solution. For example, an ottoman may have the color of sofa cushions or curtains, while the color of the sofa and chairs may be different. In addition, a pouf and an ottoman can act as bright accents – with nothing combined and self-sufficient pieces of furniture. A bright ottoman in crimson, turquoise, or lemon yellow has already become a classic in modern-style rooms and lofts. The ottoman, made in a bright color palette, will become the dominant of the whole composition, the center of the corner for relaxation.

It may seem that a pouf or an ottoman is not a mandatory item in your home, but having learned more about these pieces of furniture from a practical point of view, you will probably think about purchasing at least one of them. The pouf can be used as a decorative element of the interior, and with the help of an ottoman, designers fill the empty space in the bedroom or living room. And if you choose an exquisite option, then both the pouf and the ottoman will add luxury and wealth to your home and, of course, make it cozier and more stylish.