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How to Use Mirrors from Coaster to Add the Finishing Touch to Your Home Decor

5 min read March 3, 2023 Jessica Wallaker
Coaster Bedroom Dark Mirror

The mirror is not only a necessary accessory but also one of the most essential and basic elements for decorating the interior of a room. Having successfully picked up a mirror, you can completely transform the space without the use of other decorative ornaments. But the modern market offers different types of mirrors, so the selection process has some peculiarities. Mirrors differ in shape, size, finish, purpose, and other criteria. After all, not every product will work in every location and situation, so it’s important to determine the mirror’s function well before purchasing. Let’s take a closer look at this decor element and find out how to choose the right option from the wide range of the Coaster brand.

Coaster Round Mirror

About Coaster

Since Coaster first opened its doors in 1981, the company’s team has focused on setting the industry standard for home furnishing companies by exceeding expectations. As an innovative importer and distributor of fine furniture, Coaster has grown into a leading trademark that is well-known for exceptional value, responsive customer service, and product innovation. A second-generation company, Coaster has become a leading North American furniture distributor. The brand’s mission is to exceed customer expectations by honoring individuals, families, and furniture — with excellence. Today, it offers tremendous value along with a diverse and stylish selection of mirrors and other interior elements.

Coaster Felicity Rectangle Dresser Mirror

Cosmetic Mirrors

A cosmetic functional mirror will always come in handy during all the small home care routines, in places like the bathroom or dressing table. It should be added that both functional and decorative mirrors can sometimes be endowed with additional devices, which makes familiar objects even more valuable. So, for example, in a simple round or rectangular mirror in the bathroom, lighting can be mounted around the entire edge. Such light is softly distributed and does not leave shadows on the face. Ideally, you need such an element of the interior that will not take up much space and at the same time is perfect in appearance. With Coaster, this becomes possible.

Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are a solution that does not take up too much space but looks very aesthetically pleasing. They can be part of a composition on the wall between paintings, panels, or art paintings, form a single whole with the frame of wall decoration, hanging shelf, or sconce, or be presented in the form of a scattering of small mirror glass. Such decorative elements will diversify the arrangement of any interior, and will also be able to optically enlarge the room. High technologies and simple devices make it possible to manufacture products with the addition of technical elements. A mirror can contain built-in clockwork, which adds convenience to everyday life.

Coaster Round Mirror

Mobile Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are the most common and also popular type of mirror. However, if earlier the diversity of their forms was not very big, then today it amazes with its variety. Now it’s not just simple rectangular models, and with the help of the Coaster catalog, you can easily buy a mirror with a huge option of sizes and contours. Another important point in choosing floor mirrors is their framing. The classic interior is perfectly emphasized by a massive and carved frame made of wood, and light and concise is more suitable for high-tech. A floor mirror is perfect for a bedroom or dressing room. Such a product will make the room visually larger, and lighter and will serve as a faithful assistant in the selection of outfits.

Table Mirrors

The table mirror allows you to see your face better. Usually, this is a model that rotates 360 degrees. Such a mirror is usually placed on a stand and stands directly on countertops, tables, or dressing tables. This makes it versatile and easy to use no matter where you do your makeup. Because it’s not too big and it’s completely self-contained, you can easily move it from one place to another. It does not distort images and is of optical quality so you can clearly see your reflection. It is better to choose a chrome stand surface that will protect against condensation and moisture, making it ideal for any place. There are enough styles, designs, and features in the Coaster range to ensure you have your own mirror in every room of your home.

Coaster Miranda Rectangular Mirror

In the Coaster catalog, you will find many interesting models of mirrors for any kind of interior design. Since the question of how much a mirror cost is no less relevant than the interest in its quality, the manufacturer offers its customers products of different prices.