Brilliant Home Decor Ideas From Decorating Experts


People will not stop decorating everything around. The aesthetic essence of man demands this. Fresh ideas will keep popping up over and over again as we crave a change of scenery. Often the new is a well-rethought old. Masters in the field of decorating home space as well as experts in the field of interior design are always happy to talk about interesting interior finds and novelties. We share with you a bunch of fresh ideas on how to make your home cozier, more atmospheric, and unique.

How to bring walls to life in your home?

Man has been decorating the walls since the rock age. If you’ve forgotten, your kid can remind you. Don’t bellow at your child if a young talent painted you on the wallpaper. Hang a large sheet of paper on the wall and let your child draw on it – with paints, felt-tip pens, and God knows what else. And if the masterpiece is worthy to remain for centuries, frame it, and hang a new sheet of paper nearby. Beautifully designed children’s drawings will enliven any interior. Try it yourself to draw something simple on the canvas. Don’t think about the result, draw for inspiration. Perhaps the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso is dormant inside you. But if there is no talent or desire, you can always use washi tape or color illustrations taken from advertising booklets. Mosaic can be ingenious. By the way, posters, newspapers, and magazine covers are worthy of attention, because they strive to capture the best in human life. Take scissors and cut out the best pieces. Such hand-made wallpapers are quite appropriate in the kitchen or children’s room. With your own hands, you can make origami cranes of different sizes, and then place them as “flying geese”. With due diligence, you will get the effect of movement and perspective that your guests will admire. Garlands of flowers, soft toys, and other pretty items won’t stain your wall – hang them over a fireplace or bookshelf. Try to create a certain symmetry from its elements, reflecting some meaning. The garland is attached to wooden dowels and can be easily replaced with another – new, or more original.


Not only chandeliers can hang from the conditional heavens of your apartment. There is an element of pleasant surprise that from somewhere above something beautiful, sparkling and sometimes pleasantly smelling descends. If your chandelier looks like a floor lamp, its transparent surface can be strewn with silhouettes cut out of paper. It is not the volume that is important here, but the profile through which the light shines. You can hang various beautiful objects from the ceiling. At the same time, follow a simple rule: the longer the decoration is supposed to be in that position, the lighter it should be and the closer to the wall it should be. Imagine your nocturnal trip to the toilet under this ceiling. God knows what you dream about, bumping your nose into a hanging object. Transparent flower vases with twisted necks can be wired into long garlands. In them, you will grow your hanging gardens, which look very impressive and practical. However, such a garden of Babylon can also be planted in a pot, but you will have to hang it separately from the others in a wicker basket and water it periodically. If it is climbing, over time you will get a jungle growing from top to bottom. Bottles can be adapted as candleholders if they are not too narrow and do not block the flow of oxygen. Vertical garlands of seashells, fancy stones, and even fruits look very original. Curved fragments of trees have a peculiar charm. Before twining with ribbons and hanging, carefully clean them from dirt, mold, and rot.


As practice shows, holiday decorations stay in the apartment much longer than the holidays themselves. Take these things seriously. Christmas and New Year are intertwined for many inhabitants of the planet into a single whole. Even if you don’t get any snow at all, pay tribute to the Christian tradition with snowflakes cut from folded sheets of paper. The windows in the children’s room can be painted with chalk markers, and garlands of their cones and dried citruses can be hung across the room. Christmas and New Year are the most fragrant holidays. Fill your home with the smell of cinnamon, gingerbread, and citrus. You have a good reason to light scented candles. This aromatic celebration will remain in your apartment for a long time, delighting children and guests. In the international cultural heritage, Halloween and Easter are opposed to each other as evil and good but are celebrated with the same enthusiasm. A wreath is a traditional Easter attribute. It is decorated with spring flowers, beads, toy birds, and painted eggs unless you wear it on your head. All Saints’ Day, or Halloween, is a day of psychological protection from evil spirits. People decorate the apartment with all sorts of demons cut out of paper, and the scarier the decor, the better. You can draw a scary face on a balloon or carve one out of a pumpkin. Put a candle inside it and use it as a lamp. Skulls, spiders, and ominous birds hanging from the ceiling will help overcome inner fears. By the way, balloons filled with inert gas are good for any holiday where children are present. Inflate and color them according to the occasion.


In spring, different countries have their own holidays. Their common feature is the use of fresh flowers in beautiful vases in the most unexpected places. Flowering twigs of plants, which in your country symbolize the awakening of life, can become an element of decor. Paintings and panels of the spring theme will be very appropriate to hang in the living room, bedroom, and even in your personal office. Visual perception goes well with the smell of fresh flowers. If you live in a big city, sellers of fragrant plants are already waiting for you in their shops. Residents of small towns and settlements can walk into the nearest forest and carefully cut some spring flowers. Autumn is harvest time. It is only natural that vases of juicy ripe fruits appear on shelves, bookcases, chests of drawers, and other horizontal surfaces this season. The gifts of nature can smooth out any interior flaws, but in a beautiful and stylish room, they will look especially great. Do not equip the apartment with baskets of vegetables. It looks vulgar and reminds you of the everyday, mundane side of life. Fall leaves of a fiery hue, pinned to a curtain or wooden surface, will help create a romantic mood with a touch of a little sadness. Don’t need too many gifts from nature, otherwise, you will spoil the easy charm of the moment. The fragrance of fruits and wilted leaves will complete the creation of the autumn interior.


Expressing one’s individuality within one’s own dwelling is the safest way to express oneself. Art therapy can work wonders, curing many diseases. No need to wait for the right moment or look for some special material. Use any material for your creativity: fabric, plastic, wood, paper, thread. A photograph of a pet and a quote from your favorite writer reproduced in calligraphic handwriting will perfectly decorate the walls or shelves of your home interior. Take the material that is waiting to be picked up. Start creating, not knowing what will come out of it in the end. This will be your Zen and it is possible that you will create a masterpiece. And if for some reason creativity is not your thing, you can become a connoisseur and collector of unusual home decor items and fill your home with items from talented artists or designers. You can choose religious or secular, factory or handmade, modern or traditional decor. Some decorative items have a very practical use, and quite functional things are utterly ornamented. After all, it is decor items that make the interior individual, emphasize the uniqueness of the owner, and create a special atmosphere at home. No need to copy anyone. Decorate your home in your own way.

Jessica Wallaker

Jessica is an expert in apartment planning and sustainable design. Studied architectural history at Cornell University. After her graduation in 2008, she professionally engaged in the arrangement of modern European-style apartments.

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