6 Simple Design Tips to Make Your Bathroom Cozier


The interior of the bathroom should be as comfortable as possible. This is a special place to spend time. Here a person’s day begins and ends, there are moments of relaxation and calm after a hard day’s work. In this room, all family members spend a lot of time doing various hygiene procedures. At these moments, you need to feel in a comfortable and convenient environment. For daily use, the bathroom should be safe and beautiful. Accessories will help to significantly change the interior of this room. How to achieve this if the apartment has a small bathroom? Thanks to our article, you can use useful ideas to keep the room comfortable and not cluttered up.

Invest into beautiful functional things

Each of us wants to feel comfort and warmth with positive emotions. And the emotional image of the bathroom is created with the help of decor, the design techniques of which are often replaced by major repairs. Many mistakenly believe that for a cozy bathroom you need to redo it all and invest a lot of money in creating the desired atmosphere. However, it is not true! To be satisfied by the appearance of the room and its energy, you just need to buy a few pleasant, but quite significant little things that will amuse your eye.


You need to start with basic accessories that we can see in almost any bathroom: soap dishes, dispensers, and storage containers. They are good because they perform both a practical and decorative function at the same time. Buy a new set of such items, and be sure that the room will immediately look different and fascinating. This technique works especially well if the interior is made in neutral colors: then new accessories become bright accents and can radically change it. You can pick up storage boxes similar to each other and create an interesting composition.


The set of bathroom towels should be beautiful, please you with the design, and be combined with the interior style of the bathroom. The easiest way to update and refresh the interior of the bathroom is to buy new towels. It is recommended to choose all towels in the same color scheme. They do not have to be hung on hooks, they can be rolled up into tubes, beautifully laid out on shelves, in a wicker basket, or on a special tray, or stand. If the family is large, the bathroom has a lot of towels that take up the area. To minimize storage space, they should be rolled up. You can place towels on a shelf located above the bath. This idea will add comfort to the bathroom. Space will be saved, and the interior will resemble a spa.


It is impossible to imagine a bathroom without a mirror – it meets us in the morning, and helps while washing, shaving, applying cream, or makeup. A mirror with a carved or unusual bright frame can become an accent of the space and distract from the small size of the bathroom. When choosing a product, rely on the style of the interior, and do not be afraid to be original. Instead of a traditional mirror, you can hang an unusual antique canvas or find a round illuminated product. A large mirror in a small bathroom will visually expand the space and add light. If glass shelves are installed on its sides, then body care products and accessories are conveniently placed on them. In this case, the need for a wall cabinet is eliminated.


A bath mat or a rug is another important item for the bathroom, which will add comfort and personality to it. Most often, tiles are used to finish the floor in the bathroom. It is a durable and practical material with a cold surface. A floor mat will help to avoid discomfort when touching the tiles. Even if the bathroom has underfloor heating, textile decoration will help complete the image of the entire interior. If you want your bathroom to look nobler, ditch the traditional synthetic finishes in unnatural shades. Today, multi-colored self-woven rugs have become very popular, and fit into any interior. They are inexpensive, but they look like works of manual labor.


A laundry basket will save you and your guests from the unpleasant contemplation of a pile of dirty laundry piled on the floor next to the washing machine. When choosing this useful accessory, we recommend giving preference to bamboo, textiles, and metal. Woven wicker baskets add a cozy touch to a cold bathroom and never go out of style. Containers made of dense material captivate with their visual lightness, but at the same time, they are stable due to the plastic bottom and keep their shape thanks to the hidden metal frame. An alternative is a large wicker bag placed on the floor or hung on a hook.

A cozy bathroom is not about expensive plumbing and impeccable style. The main thing in this room is functionality and ergonomics, this is what makes our stay in the bath comfortable. By bringing to life just six ideas, you can turn a cramped bathroom into a cozy room for a comfortable and pleasant stay. We hope you found this article helpful and that you have highlighted some of the tips for yourself.

Jessica Wallaker

Jessica is an expert in apartment planning and sustainable design. Studied architectural history at Cornell University. After her graduation in 2008, she professionally engaged in the arrangement of modern European-style apartments.

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