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Tips For Choosing A Bidet

4 min read January 30, 2022 John Edwards
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Bidets are very popular all over the world. They help their owners save money. Are you surprised? But the installation of such a small low sink in the bathroom will save on the purchase of toilet paper. The average American family spends $350-400 annually on toilet paper. Installing a bidet helps to reduce this amount by 60-80%. 

Bidet Features

For those who have no idea what a bidet is, it is a small and wide sink that is installed at the height of the toilet and is designed to simplify hygiene procedures. A feature of such a device is the presence of a sprayer for more efficient and thorough use of equipment. As a rule, the user can adjust the water pressure in the sprayer, so that the genitals can be washed in the best possible way.

The bidet is mounted in the same way as the toilet. To install it, you will need a water supply and a connection to the sewer system. Basic models are completed only with a sprayer. More advanced features are a dryer, seat heating, a night light, water heating, and different inclination angles of the nozzles.

“Mini toilets” unisex. They are versatile and hygienic. Can be used by both men and women. Such plumbing is especially relevant for people with disabilities. It is important to understand which model will be the most suitable for use.

Main Useful Options

The main function of a bidet is cleansing. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a model with water heating and nozzle tilt adjustments. Installations that provide for hot water may have differences in installation. The first ones must be directly connected to the supply line, the second ones are equipped with a special tank and a heater, with the help of which water is heated directly in the tank. 

As for autonomous bidets, which independently heat water in the tank, their cost starts at $220. In addition, for the installation and efficient operation of electric bidets, you will need to take care of a separate outlet in the bathroom

Another useful feature of a bidet is its adjustable outlets. This option is especially important and relevant for women, as it allows for much more efficient procedures and provides additional comfort of use. In general, such a function does not play a role if only men are planning to use it.

Additional Features

Warm seat. The option of a bidet with a heated seat is very popular because it is much more pleasant to sit on a warm surface. Especially in the cold season.

Dryer. One of the latest upgrades to plumbing fixtures is the warm air dryer, which is reminiscent of installations in public toilets. These bidets virtually eliminate the need for toilet paper.

Water temperature and pressure controls. The presence of such options can be selected individually, depending on the wishes of future owners.

Water spray radius adjustment. This function is far from basic and not particularly important, but it will be a nice bonus in operation.

Impulse water supply. It is believed that this option helps to carry out procedures more carefully and efficiently.

The presence of an enema is a useful addition for users suffering from constipation, hemorrhoids, and other pathologies.

The air deodorizer is an innovative feature that keeps the air in the bathroom fresh and clean.

Nozzle sterilization is an important option for those who care about hygiene and cleanliness in everything.

As you can see, the range of bidets is very large. To choose a model of a suitable configuration, decide in advance on a set of options that will be mandatory for you.