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Traditional and Modern Accessories for “American” style Interiors

8 min read April 12, 2021 Jessica Ling
American Style Interiors Living Room

The American interior style is the choice of those who prefer practicality, comfort, and coziness. This trend began to emerge around the 17th century and continued to form over the next several decades under the influence of other related trends: refined colonial style and classical English. Contemporary American style focuses on the free blend of high-tech modern with traditional farming, handicraft.

It is ideal to embody the style of measured life in an American home in large, spacious apartments. But the design will look no less successful in compact spaces – city apartments, small houses, and townhouses. The main thing is to know how to properly organize the space and what decor to use. Read below to get the idea about the basic accessories that will help to embody the beautiful and discreet American style in your interior.

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Basic principles of arranging rooms in the American style

Typical of the American interior style is the most spacious room, obtained by combining the guest room and the kitchen area. For visual differentiation, furniture is often used, which is placed right in the center of the room, creating an island for a comfortable pastime with guests or watching TV.

A distinctive feature of the American interior is the lack of a characteristic color scheme. When decorating the space, you can focus solely on your own preferences. However, when choosing accessories, you should give preference to products and objects in brown shades – they will bring comfort to the atmosphere of the room.

Furniture for the American interior should be made in a traditional design – with smooth shapes and with finishes in natural colors. Furniture made from solid natural wood is best suited, the softness and warmth of which are given by practical upholstery textiles in neutral shades.

A key feature of any American-style interior is the fireplace. It acts as a central element in the room. Most often in the living room. Therefore, furniture should be placed opposite or around it. When arranging a room, it is important to remember that this style requires symmetry. It is advisable to choose pieces of furniture and lighting in pairs. For example, the same floor lamps on high wooden legs, located on either side of the fireplace.

When arranging and decorating an American-style interior, you need to keep as much free space as possible. Rooms should be well lit to make them look more spacious. That is why it is preferable to have large windows in American homes that can let in as much natural light as possible. It is also necessary to pay attention to artificial lighting – with its help, you can beautifully zone the space and emphasize the key design accents.

American Style Interiors Classic Old Armchair

Appropriate decor and accessories

The American interior style is rather restrained. You can even call it strict. However, no American home is unthinkable without accessories. The main accessories and decor in it should be consistent with the overall picture. The use of gaudy elements and flashy accents that distract attention from the overall design idea are not allowed.

The premises must have a variety of elements that enliven the interior and attract the interested glances of guests. It can be both decorative items and items that carry an additional functional load. The following positions must be present in the interior in the style of American houses:

  • paintings with still life, landscape, or architecture
  • decorative plates;
  • porcelain or natural wood figurines;
  • vases made of crystal, colored glass, or painted ceramics;
  • souvenirs and exhibits of collections;
  • various lighting devices (table lamps and floor lamps, sconces);
  • cups and medals, distinctive awards;
  • chests, boxes.

The austerity of designs in the American style can equally successfully dilute both modern accessories and antique, rare, and vintage items. Products and items from designer collections or handmade from natural materials look especially to the point. Wooden figurines and caskets, bronze fruit bowls and candy bowls, ceramic or metal candlesticks, and other similar things will fit well into the overall composition.

Exquisite and original pieces that match the theme, emphasize the elegance of the design, and help create a cozy home atmosphere are suitable for decorating American-style homes. When choosing the suitable decor, it is worth considering the functionality of the items. You should not abuse products that do not carry an important functional meaning – there should be few of them in the interior.

Accessories that embody a reverent attitude towards the history of the family and the nation

Traditionally, the walls are decorated with framed family photographs. A characteristic trait for every American is pride in their family and a reverent attitude towards family history. This tradition is reflected in modern interior interpretations, in which a multinational, historically established exposition is succinctly combined with the aesthetic preferences of different social groups.

Numerous family photos, children’s and graduation pictures, certificates, and diplomas hung on the wall – all these accessories are key for the interior American style. Thanks to these elements, the house looks cozy and leaves in the memory the image of a place where you are remembered and always expected.

Wedding and children’s photos, placed on the piano and on bookshelves, on shelves and bookcases, along with family heirlooms or vintage things, look so cute. If there is a fireplace in the living room, photos of family members and relatives can be placed on the mantelpiece. If possible, you can select an entire wall for family pictures, decorated in beautiful wooden frames. Traditionally, important commemorative photographs are hung over the stairs leading to the second floor.

In the bedroom, it is worth hanging pictures of your relatives, loved ones, and photos of special events. Focusing on the rule of symmetry is key here as well. The best place for photo frames is on the walls on either side of the dressing table with a mirror. A whole collage of several photos can be placed at the head of the bed. On the bedside tables, you can also put frames with black and white photos depicting your loved ones.

American style in the interior is a discreet, comfortable, and cozy style that has successfully evolved towards versatility and has become neutral for modern living spaces. When decorating your home in a similar style, it is worth choosing accessories that express family values ​​and help create a real atmosphere of the parental home, soulful and warm.