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Tips for choosing patio furniture

9 min read May 2, 2021 Jessica Ling
Beautiful Terrace With Garden Furniture and Plants

How to furnish the perfect patio, what furniture to choose so that it will serve as long as possible, which will protect you from the need to regularly change the furniture in the garden – you can find out all about this in our article.


First, you need to decide what the backyard will become for you: will it be an outdoor chill zone, a playground for various activities, or an additional functional space? Of course, you can always try to make the garden as diverse as possible, but in this case, you should try to avoid unnecessary piling up of objects: a hammock, deck chair, basketball hoop, and large garden swing nearby will look rather strange.

If nature for you is primarily associated with tranquility, you should get a hammock, sun loungers, garden swings, and, for example, a stylized rocking chair. This will turn your backyard into a real relaxation space, where you can simply admire the clouds, sway in a hammock, or read a book surrounded by sounds of nature.

Otherwise, if you are a big party lover, feel free to grab a set of sturdy garden chairs, a barbecue table, and a pair of sports equipment like a volleyball net or mini-soccer goal. Although, in this case, the hammock will not be superfluous for those who are too tired to have fun.


The main parameter that you should be guided by when choosing garden furniture is the material from which it is made. Currently, there are many different options on the market, and in this article we will look at the most popular ones and a couple of less obvious ones.

What is the weather outside your window? What happened yesterday? If you live in a sunny area, far from water bodies and not rich in rain, you do not need to worry about how to protect your furniture from constant exposure to high humidity. In case you are lucky enough to live by the river or even by the sea, you will have to approach the choice of garden furniture much more carefully so that it will serve you as long as possible.


The main advantage of wooden garden furniture is, of course, its appearance. Natural textures look advantageous in nature, the richness of shades and types of wood make it possible to choose a set that is ideal for you. If you plan to leave tables outside and remove them from there only in winter, make sure that the furniture is treated with water-repellent protective compounds. Wood is a rather capricious material, sensitive to temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.

The price can also serve as an argument not in favor of such a choice, because a really high-quality set of garden furniture will cost a big sum, but at the same time it will serve you for many years without losing its attractiveness.

An important feature of wooden furniture is flammability and the constant need for special care. Without coating with special compounds, it can be damaged by both moisture and insects in just one season. Choose wood if you are ready to take the time to properly care for them or just change them regularly.


The most popular material option because of its price. The quality of such furniture is often appropriate: it is easily scratched and broken, and dirt quickly accumulates in the scratches. At the same time, the plastic is quite resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, apart from extreme values, it is also extremely easy to clean.

Among the advantages of plastic furniture is lightweight, which will suit you if you take out the table and chairs separately for each gathering in the backyard. It is not advised to buy a swing for a garden from different types of plastic – they have established themselves as the least durable in comparison with alternatives.

Of course, plastic can be different and today sets are widely presented in a variety of styles and colors.


Another material that is lightweight is the vine. Wicker rocking chairs and dining sets with multiple chairs are very popular. But, in addition to the fact that such furniture requires special care and timely processing, it is extremely exposed to temperature and direct sunlight: choose a vine in order to furnish a covered gazebo or as a “festive” option that will be stored indoors. It is not recommended to put wicker chairs and sun loungers in the garden without a canopy, especially if you live in regions with high humidity. Even treated with special materials, vine furniture will not last long, standing under the scorching sun or constant rains.


There are two types of rattan: natural and artificial. Both of them are distinguished by their lightness and unusual appearance, but the requirements for caring for them vary greatly.

Natural rattan furniture – light and stylish, but very sensitive to frost. It is undesirable to leave it outside in the cold and even more so in the rain. Before the start of a new season, it should be carefully washed, and then thoroughly dried, since wet rattan is easily deformed and broken. Also, natural rattan is quite fragile and will suit you if your garden is a place for calm tea drinking, and not for violent and active meetings.

Outwardly, artificial rattan is often difficult to distinguish from the real one: the same graceful weaving and about the same weight. But in terms of strength, the synthetic version benefits greatly, as well as in terms of the need for maintenance. It is enough to wash such furniture with a jet under pressure from a hose or warm soapy water. Another difference is that natural rattan is much stronger, therefore, in the manufacture of wicker furniture using artificial rattan, aluminum, or metal frames are often used, which in some cases may affect the weight of the product.


One of the most versatile and durable options is metal and forged furniture. In addition to its incredible appearance, it is distinguished by its durability, ease of care, and versatility: a forged table is perfect for peaceful tea drinking. Chairs made of various alloys will easily survive noisy parties with active rest. Of course, these are not kits that can be easily carried out and carried back every time if necessary, since they are distinguished by an impressive weight. However, if you do not forget to cover metal furniture with anti-corrosion compounds once a year, it will stand in the garden for many years without losing its beauty.


In addition to a table with chairs or a sun lounger, do not forget to install wide umbrellas in the garden to have some shadowed area. You may also want to get one or few of various models of hammocks: from mesh hammocks on simple plastic beams to two-level complex structures designed for several people.
Take a closer look at the garden swings and hanging chairs to create a relaxing corner. It may be just enough to decorate the seat with soft pillows and bring your favorite blanket so that the cold does not spoil the wonderful evening under the stars.

Backyard Patio In Garden With Forged Outdoor Furniture

Do not forget that, in addition to the popular material options for garden furniture, there are alternatives: designer stone furniture, lightweight aluminum kits, or even the increasingly popular concrete tables and chairs. The latter, by the way, although they cost a lot, are the least whimsical to care for and are definitely purchased “for centuries.”