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Effective tips and tricks on how to prevent mold in your home

2 years ago July 4, 2021 John Edwards
Prevent Mold In Your Home Kirchen

The causes of the mold problem can be different, as well as the methods for solving it.

But the most effective technique is considered to be the prevention of mold on surfaces in living areas. And further we will talk about exactly this – how to prevent the appearance of mold in the house and what options for dealing with a harmful substance are among the most effective.

Timely taking preventive measures to prevent the development of mold saves time and money. If the situation requires more drastic action, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the article How to get rid of mold in the house, which describes effective ways to combat the phenomenon.

Causes and dangers of mold

More than three hundred varieties of mold are known, which can form on various surfaces, both inside a residential or industrial building. Regular contact with mold can lead to pathologies, some of which are very dangerous and incurable. For example pneumonia, migraine, cardiovascular disease, cancer.

As for the causes of mold on the walls in houses and apartments, there may be several of them. Most often these are the consequences of mistakes and incorrect actions during the construction. Most Popular:

  • insufficient waterproofing of the foundation;
  • poorly equipped thermal insulation;
  • malfunctions in the heated towel rail;
  • unfairly executed interior decoration.

Also, the formation of mold on the walls can be facilitated by the lack of ventilation and leaks in the apartments of the neighbors above. Rooms with high humidity are especially susceptible to contamination, that is, the kitchen and bathroom.

Conditions to comply with to prevent the spread of mold

To avoid the emergence of mold in a house or apartment, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the factors provoking its development. That is, to exclude conditions favorable for the development of dangerous fungal spores.

The most effective preventive measures are the arrangement of optimal air circulation and an even distribution of heat throughout the premises. It is also important to monitor the level of humidity in the house and not allow it to rise beyond optimal parameters.

Adhering to these simple rules is not difficult at all. The operation of water communications and the heating system should be regularly monitored. If there are sections with connections in the pipelines, they should be periodically inspected for leaks.

In rooms where the humidity level is high most of the time, it is better to equip it with a forced ventilation system. If the plumbing systems are insulated with special covers, they should be equipped with additional air circulation.

Tips on how to avoid mold in your home

The most popular and effective ways to prevent infection of walls in an apartment or house with fungal spores:

  • During the construction or renovation of your home, special additives with antiseptic properties should be added to the finishing mixtures. They will not affect the characteristics of the formulations and will perfectly cope with their main task – protection against mold.
  • It is recommended to regularly ventilate the premises. Doors to the bathroom and kitchen should be left open to avoid moisture build-up.
  • Purchase a hygrometer to keep the humidity within acceptable limits. Indoors, the optimum humidity level is 50-60%. If the values ​​are exceeded, it is better to use a forced ventilation system.
  • It is important to take care of optimal air circulation – when arranging the interior, it is necessary to arrange furniture so that there is a small distance between it and the wall for free movement of airflows.
  • It is necessary to keep the air conditioners clean – timely cleaning of the filters of the cooling systems will prevent the development and spread of fungal bacteria.

The ideal solution for preventing fungal spores is to install a ventilation system with a heat recovery function. The standard temperature level should be in the range of 20-22% in any corner of the house. At lower temperatures, there is a risk of mold growth and spread. Saving heat energy will not only negatively affect the health of residents, but will also lead to various damage to the structure and health problems against the background of moisture accumulation.

Useful household tips on how to prevent the formation and spread of mold

In order not to be afraid for your health, the state of the house, you need to carefully monitor the living conditions. During regular house cleaning, it is worth wiping dry all surfaces and areas where there is a high probability of moisture accumulation. Also, do not overdo it when cleaning floors and remove residual water from all surfaces (especially under furniture).

Do not rush to put things in closets and dressers after washing if they are still damp. It is important to wait until they are completely dry or to iron them dry before placing them in their places.

Lovers of indoor vegetation in the house need to be limited when choosing tropical flowers. The fact is that such plants need high humidity and are very demanding for heat. To provide plants with full-fledged care, some owners spray them abundantly, which often leads to the formation of mold on windowsills and walls. It is also not recommended to keep dried flowers in the house – they are an excellent medium for the development of fungal spores.

With the arrival of cold weather and the onset of the heating season, condensation begins to form on the windows. This, sooner or later, can provoke mold in the house. Therefore, this factor is best eliminated immediately. Residents may need to make several special holes in the windowsill to ensure optimal air circulation and eliminate dripping on the windows.

Periods of increased risk of mold growth are autumn, winter, and spring. At this time, it is necessary to exercise especially scrupulous control over housing conditions and the functioning of communications. Taking timely preventive measures will help property owners get rid of the many problems that arise with the appearance of mold in houses and apartments.