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Do Not Pass By If You Want To Buy A Lawnmower – We Will Tell You Which One Is Best For You!

7 min read October 23, 2021 Jessica Ling
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A beautiful, green, well-groomed, and perfectly trimmed lawn in front of the house is a source of pride for any American. Most of the maintenance of the lawn is taken up by watering and mowing the grass, naturally with a lawnmower. Do you want to know what is the best mower to buy so that you can take care of the local area without any problems and so that your lawn is much more spectacular than that of your neighbors? Then read on for expert advice on how to choose the perfect lawnmower.

An Important Choice

Lawn Mower Cutting Grass

Before you get brand new garden equipment, you should carefully read the technical characteristics, functional differences, features, and capabilities of the models on the market. A frivolous approach to solving the problem can result in numerous hassles associated with the operation of a lawnmower.

The principle of operation of lawnmowers is quite understandable to anyone. They are a kind of device on wheels that allow you to trim the grass flooring around the house as neatly and perfectly smooth as possible. With their help, everyone can easily, quickly, and simply put in order the local area. However, it is important to know that lawn mower designs have not only external differences but also many functional features.

A Range Of Modern Gardening Equipment For Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers are available in a variety of models:

Mechanical – the simplest and most economical, do not create noise during operation at all. To use them, you do not need fuel or electricity at all, but it will take a lot of effort and physical resources from the owner of the garden equipment. This economical option justifies its low cost but is completely unsuitable for processing large areas.

Electric lawnmowers are an efficient and popular variety. These devices have good performance, low power consumption, and are able to easily cope with mowing grass in small areas (no more than 12 acres).

Gasoline – garden lawnmowers, which are characterized by great power and high performance, making them ideal for mowing grass in large areas of country residences and even sports fields. The main advantage of this equipment is its mobility and independence from a single power source and power cable.

Cordless – mobile and eco-friendly lawnmowers. They are mobile as they run on battery power but have limited performance according to the charge level. Such devices are maneuverable and lightweight.

Which Mechanism To Give Preference To?

Lawn Mower In Use

Which lawnmower to choose depends not only on the personal preferences of the future owners but also on many specific factors. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the features of garden equipment and find out what are the main criteria for its selection.

Electric Lawn Mowers: Advantages And Disadvantages

Lawn Mower Electric

Electric lawn mowers have many advantages over their counterparts:

  • acceptable cost;
  • easy start-up within a few seconds;
  • economical operation (due to the absence of additional fuel costs);
  • practically silent operation in the switching on and operating mode (from 68 dB);
  • practicality;
  • no need for regular maintenance and preventive maintenance of the device.

    Despite a number of advantages, electric lawnmowers also have disadvantages:

    • relatively low power;
    • average grass cutting speed;
    • the range of use of the device is limited by the length of the cable;
    • dependence on power supply and wires;
    • a supply wire, which can cause great inconvenience in the process of mowing the grass, clinging to the branches of bushes, weeds.

    Lawn Mower Electric Close Up
    Lawn Mower Electric Wheels

    Gasoline Lawn Mowers: Pros And Cons

    Gasoline Lawn Mower

    The key advantages of gasoline lawn mowers are:

    • high speed (compared to fuel-free mechanisms);
    • high efficiency (can remove mature weeds, tough vegetation, and even small branches);
    • high power;
    • mobility;
    • versatility;
    • the ability to use even in areas without access to a power source;
    • high-quality engine;
    • great endurance;
    • long service life;
    • can be used even in the rain.

    Fuel-powered lawn mowers have more benefits than electric devices. But there are more positions in the list of shortcomings. The main cons of gasoline lawnmowers:

    • the equipment makes a lot of noise during use (noise level exceeds 90 dB);
    • there is a strong vibration of the mechanism;
    • the body of the structure heats up during the mowing of the grass;
    • the device emits exhaust gases, which is not very favorable for the environment and the health of the owner;
    • the need for regular maintenance of the device, periodic replacement of consumables;
    • the mechanism needs specific care and storage;
    • a large mass of the structure;
    • operation of equipment is possible with the special knowledge and skills of the owner.

    What Else Do You Need To Take Into Account?

    Lawn Mower Electric

    Have a look at the list of pros and cons of lawnmowers, but still can’t decide? Difficulties in choosing and buying the necessary unit may also arise due to the variety of the model range of devices and a large number of brands.

    Therefore, before purchasing an automatic lawnmower, you need to answer the following important questions:

    • In what conditions is the operation of garden equipment planned?
    • How safe are certain devices?
    • What technical and functional capabilities do the models have?

    The key criteria when choosing a lawnmower are the size of the cultivated area and the landscape features of the area. For flat areas not complicated by hard vegetation, models with a fuel-free engine are suitable. At the same time, they are completely unsuitable and ineffective on stony and littered fields.

    Battery and electric lawn mowers close to the surface are not able to mow grass near fences (fences, curbs), on hillocks, around pits, and in areas with irregularities, abundant shrubs, and trees. But the fuel units will easily and enviably cope with complex vegetation in different areas, even if the surface is contaminated with stones, branches from trees or bushes, debris, and other extraneous fragments. At the same time, gasoline lawn mowers can be safely used on large sites and fields, as well as in areas that are not equipped with electricity.

    Lawn Mower Grass

    With regard to the level of security, all models have their own disadvantages and advantages. For example, electric grass mowers are environmentally friendly. But it is dangerous to use them during and after rain, so as not to provoke a closure of the mechanism and other unpleasant phenomena. Also, in case of careless operation and damage to the supply cable, the health and well-being of the mower will be at risk.

    Along with being fuel-free, gasoline lawn mowers are completely harmless in terms of handling and operation. However, their work is accompanied by exhaust gases, which suffer from the environment and may deteriorate the health of the owner.

    Simple Lawn Mower

    In terms of functionality and technical features, both models have significant differences. Gasoline lawn mowers have a specific complex design and high weight, which requires skill and great physical effort from the mower. Electrical units weigh much less, but they are less productive and need short breaks during operation in order to avoid overheating of the structure.

    You also need to pay attention to the presence of a collection basket for grass. These attachments increase the efficiency of the device and make it easier to mow the area. Also useful and relevant is the function of adjusting the height of the lawn mowing, which provides a more detailed and accurate removal of vegetation.

    Equally important is the option of throwing grass in the lawnmower you like. Please note that it is very convenient to mow with a side discharge of vegetation – with this method, the operator can process hard-to-reach areas (along walls, curbs, near the fence) and debris will not fly into his face.

    We hope that the comparative characteristics of lawn mowers will help you decide on the right model. And one more thing: before purchasing a lawnmower, pay attention to additional device options, equipment, build quality, and warranty.