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Ceiling decoration options

6 min read September 15, 2021 Jessica Ling
Ceiling Luxury Decorations Sky Pattern

The ceiling is not just a faceless surface

Often, during the renovation, we think for a long time about wallpaper for the walls, worry about how to choose a good material for the floor, make sure that the windows were insulated and insulated from the noise of the street. And how long do we choose furniture! For all these worries, for some reason, we constantly overlook the ceiling, remember it last, and often just wave away: “Yes, just leave it white, nothing to invent here!”. 

But why, the ceiling is a great place for creativity, a way to splash your imagination and creativity, and sometimes design look. So let’s understand what can be done with the ceiling and why to look up can be interesting for both your guests and yourself.

Hanging decorations – give way to your imagination

This category is incredibly diverse because the hanging decoration can be any element that you actually hang on the ceiling, according to your idea and imagination. Even a garland is such an ornament, but let’s consider a few more unusual options.

Do you like folding origami? If so – try to make cranes and hang them: if you want – with a curtain, if you want – in a checkerboard pattern, do not limit yourself. This is the case when your creative look will make the design of your ceiling individual and unique. Use paper of different colors, such as white and red, look at the online folding scheme, and try it! It’s much easier than you think, and the process of giving the paper a shape in the technique of origami is soothing and perfect for quiet evenings.

Another paper decoration option is to use bright wrapping or corrugated paper and make flashlight balls. Just determine the appropriate color for the interior.

There are countless options: make a garland of neutral Christmas balls, for example in silver or gold, hang decorative retro light bulbs, and how beautiful classic Chinese lanterns look!

All you need for a successful choice is to decide on the color of the decoration and what will best suit the interior and area of ​​your room.

But if you decide to turn to pendants, you should not lose sight of the fact that any decor of this type will accumulate dust. In the case of decorative light bulbs, just wipe them during cleaning, and when it comes to paper jewelry, it is best to just make new ones, given that it will not take much time, effort, or money.

A wide range of photo wallpapers. You can choose any plot: clear skies, a fairy-tale plot (a good option for children), in addition, you can always try to order photo wallpaper with your images.

Stucco or stretch ceiling – that’s what a classic

The well-known stretch ceiling is a suspended structure, which is mounted just below the main ceiling. Material – PVC film (polyvinyl chloride) or fabric.

Nowadays, you can apply different patterns on PVC: oriental, ethnic motifs, and everything you can imagine.

Be sure to provide installation of such a ceiling to professionals. Of course, you can find many tutorial articles or videos, but in reality, the masters of this business have their secrets of successful editing, which they prefer not to share.

Stucco – the best option for those who plan to repair in the style of the last century. Now for this type of decor use safe and practical polyurethane: it is easy, moisture resistant, its flexibility allows it to give any form, and most importantly – it is durable and does not change color.

The stucco molding is applied with a special glue, and another advantage of the material is its budget.

However, it is necessary to consider that the stucco molding will look really luxurious only in a room with a high ceiling.

An interesting solution would be to use raised beams – these are products that are designed to mimic natural wooden beams, which many want to see in their interior, but can not afford because of the high cost.

Such beams are not subject to the destructive influence of mold. Inside, they are often hollow, and the material is also fireproof, so it can function as a protective gasket.

If you have chosen a chic chandelier for yourself and do not know how to hang it with a twist, you should look closely at the sockets. They can be completely different shapes. The existence of the various sizes allows you to choose calmly and without superfluous experiences that will approach you.

In conclusion, we would like to give a few more examples of the most unusual options for decorating the ceiling, which in addition to aesthetic value are also practical.


  • If you have a loft-style room, quite a bit of space, and a bicycle – there are special mounts for your iron horse directly on the ceiling;
  • Do you like listening to music? Place music speakers on the ceiling. This choice will provide unique acoustics;
  • If you have little storage space, place baskets under the ceiling for this purpose;
  • You can attach a hook to the ceiling, and hang a cradle on it for the youngest members of your family;
  • For lovers of reading and for book collectors who want their own library but can’t afford a massive bookcase due to insufficient space in the room, there is also a solution. Already guessed? That’s right, bookshelves can be attached to the ceiling and even placed around the perimeter of the room.

In fact, your home with all its components: walls, floor, furniture, and ceiling are the field for the embodiment of your personality. Do not be afraid and remember that the most important thing is to approach any decision with love.